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Best Browser for iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

What's the frequently used apps you need to use with your iPhone in your everyday life? Is it phone call, SMS, music player or social media? No matter which one comes up into your mind, you can't deny that browser is the one that each of us need to use as well.

Google Chrome browser is the one of the most popular browsers for iPhone. I am using it on my own. After few years of using Chrome, I've a great number of bookmarks on iPhone and I can get back my Chrome bookmarks even if my iPhone is damaged. That's because Chrome has a wonderful Sync-across-Devices feature which allows me to access tabs and bookmarks on any platform including desktop, Android, iPhone and iPad as long as I sign in with the same account. My feeling while using Chrome is that it's perfectly smooth and I can open as many tabs as I want and it won't take up too many mobile data usage. Last but not least, there's a voice search on the app and you can speak out rather than type the characters one by one to free up your hands in such a cold winter.
Chrome for iPhone
Safari is a build-in browser on your iPhone which is developed by Apple Inc. There's no doubt that Safari will have the outstanding features compared with other browsers. One extraordinary features of Safari is "Reading List". It allows you to share and add the page to reading list when you have no time to finish it and want to save it for later reading. Moreover, in iOS 9, the new "Request Desktop Site" is outstanding as well. You can choose "Request Desktop Site" to view the desktop version of the site.
Safari for iPhone
Opera mini
Opera mini is another welcomed browser for iOS users because of the amazing features it provides:
1. The Video Boost: If you want to play the online videos in Opera mini, it will cut down stalling for you without sacrificing video quality so that you can enjoy the videos smoothly.
2. Battery Saving Mode: If you turn on Opera Mini mode, it can help you save up to 90% of battery, which is quite astonishing. If you turn on Opera Turbo mode, it can help you save up to 50% battery.
3. Discover Feature: Opera Mini will show you the latest news, sports, weather and entertainment info for you at the home page and you can discover local info in your country.
4. Speed Dial: Opera Mini will show the bookmarks from your favorite site according to your preference so that you can find the result you want easier.
Opera Mini for iPhone
Dolphin browser
Apart from the quick and accurate search feature, Dolphin browser is outstanding for its gesture feature. With Dolphin, you can customize any gestures you want and simply wipe on the screen to make a quick visit to the site you want just by bringing up Match.com and add a gesture to your favorite site. The voice search of Dolphin browser is called Sonar. You can tell Sonar about your question and say "Share" to share the result to Facebook, Twitter or save them to Evernote, Box, and more as you wish.
Dolphin for iPhone
The shining feature of Ghostery must be tracking blocking. It not only make it easier for you to browse the pages, but also help you block the history tracking from other company which is tempting to peeking at your browse history. With the help of Ghostery browser, you can enjoy yourself browsing and searching what you want without worrying about privacy leaking. However, the only shortcoming is that the loading speed of Ghostery is not that satisfying.
Ghostery for iPhone
Chrome, Safari, Opera, Dolphin and Ghostery are all useful browser apps that have lots of fans supporting them. And that's true that we can't tell which one is the best one. But everyone have their own opinion, isn't it? Would you mind discussing with us your favorite iPhone browser, please?

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