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Capture Beautiful Scenes with SmartPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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What's your must-have stuff in your luggage when you are going for a trip? Clothes, passport, cash, phones, charger, notebook, drugs box, and what else? Of course our camera is needed as well to capture beautiful scenes. However, professional camera like Cannon, Nikon, and more are too heavy to carry even if they have excellent resolution.
Take Photos with iPhone Android Camera
Though the resolution of our smartphone camera is far behind the digital camera, we can still capture beautiful photos with our iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone. What we need is some tips and tricks while capturing:

1. Angle is Important While Capturing Selfie
Most of us love capturing selfies a lot. The pose and the angle are important when we are capturing. Just remember this: Look up is rather than look down. If you look down to the camera, your face will looks round and the double chin will be exposed to the world and of course, as you can see, your nares will point at the camera as well.
Angle Is Important When Taking Selfie
2. Use the Rear Camera Rather than Front Camera
We all know that the resolution of our rear camera is far more superior compared to our front one. Take iPhone 6s Plus for example, it has a 12 megapixel on the back camera but only a 5 megapixel on the front. So, there's no doubt that photos taken with the rear camera has a higher quality than the front one.

3. Keep Your Camera Steady
Most smartphone has the anti-shake technology built-in. But if your iPhone or Android phone doesn't adopt this, you'd better buy a tripod or the selfie stick, and something like that to stabilize your camera. You can twine the cam to the branches or place it to somewhere steady. Otherwise, the photos you capture will be a little blurry.
Take Pictures with Tripod
4. Take Full Advantage of Brightness and Flashlight
Lights show great impacts on the photo quality as well. You can compare the two pictures below. Face to the sun or the light rather than against it. When you are capture pictures indoor or somewhere dark, you'd better turn on the flashlight.
Flashlight And Brightness Is Important
Of course, if you want your photos look more perfect and beautiful, you can use some camera apps for iPhone, iPad, Android that provided on Google Play or Apple App Store. Windows phone camera apps are also provided on its app market as well. Of course, if you want to beautify the photos you captured before, you can also use some photo editing apps to decorate or add effects of your camera. After you beautify your photos, you can share it with some social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram now.
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