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Chat Online with Instant Messaging Apps

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Because of job, we can't go out and meet our friends every day and know how everything is going with our friends. Thankfully, we have some instant messaging apps for us to chat with our friends or see what happened to our friends according to the timeline they have updated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and WhatsApp.
Chat Online With Instant Messaging App
You know, it is hard to say that which one is best. Even though all of them are instant messaging or so-called social-networking app, there are differences among them. So, in the coming paragraphs, I am going to show you some outstanding features of these apps and some points of views on my own.

Facebook might be the first one that comes into our mind when talking about instant messaging app or social networking. People on Facebook is quite active, everyone shares their daily life with their friends on line by sharing updates, photos and videos. You can also play games and use apps you love the most and invite friends to challenge you as well. Facebook is not only famous as a personal social networking, but also there are many enterprise sign up for an account to get closer to their customers and market their products. And, of course, we have an enterprise account of Facebook for TransPhone sharing you with news, tips and tricks about our sites.
Chat Online with Facebook
Twitter has a large quantity of active users of 302 million by the end of May 2015. We have a Twitter accounts here as well. It used to have a 140-characters limitation. I really don't like this because when it comes to some long words (like impossible, unfortunately, dictionary, university, reluctantly, anniversary) it is very easy that we reach the limitation. That's what I really hate because we have to change words meet the limitation. But lately, it is rumored that Twitter is give up the limitation and users can post tweet between 1500 and 2000 words. That's not confirmed yet.
Chat Online with Twitter
Skype is also an instant-messaging app that widely used all over the world. You can chat with your friends via texting, voice-calling or video-calling. It will save your budget via voice calling and video calling, if you are using Wi-Fi connection. It's an app that you can chat with your friends online anytime, anywhere with a low cost rate.
Chat Online with Skype
By using WhatsApp, you can chat with your friends without signing up with a new account. We already have lots of accounts and passwords to manage. WhatsApp allows us to sign up with our phone number and it can integrate address books on our phones. Thanks to this, we don't need to enter the contacts manually. Besides texting, we can also attach photos, videos, audios and even share location to our friends.
Chat Online with WhatsApp Messenger
The last app I'd love to talk about will be Instagram. This one is a little different. It's a social networking app as well as a photo capturing, editing and sharing app. In short, we can take photos with the build-in camera and add effects/filter to beautify the photos. After that, we can share the photos with our friends online.
Chat Online with Instagram
All in all, these 5 instant messaging apps are all brilliant. You can choose anyone you like. And here I will give you some suggestions:
If you want to contact your friends who are in a city far away from you, you can use Skype, WhatsApp and more to give a video call etc. to save the phone call charge. If you want to share some photos, selfies and more with your friends, you can use Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram. If you don't have adequate storage space on your iPhone or Android, you have to uninstall useless apps before you installing them. Or you'd better not stuff too much instant messaging app on your smartphone because most of them have a size around 100MB. In this case, the tiny ones like WhatsApp and Twitter will be recommended.
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