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How I Check and Edit My Notes on Different Devices

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

In the last post, I've talked about the e-notepad on my iPhone, the Vesper app, that I used it to take the place of the traditional dairy book. Most of you might think that it is risky because once you lose your smartphone, all the data, including the notes you've taken will be gone as well. Well, there's a way for you to protect notes on your mobile even if your phone just gone. How? Sync? Transfer? Back up? No, you can not only check the backed-up notes but also edit them anytime and anywhere you like. The clue is CLOUD.

What would come up to your mind first in this technology world when you've heard the word "Cloud"? Cloud computing, cloud security, cloud storage and of course cloud-based notes should be included. Yes, today, what I am going to talk about is cloud-based notes. I am not going to tell you how cloud-based service works. What I am going to show is how to take full advantage of this cloud-based note service.

Compared with cloud note, you don't need network at all if you are using a regular note-taking app. Just add the notes, attach the photos you want and save. That's it. However, when it comes to cloud note, it's much more than that. They have a bunch of outstanding features. There are two cloud-based note apps that I've ever used. One is Evernote and the other is OneNote. They are both popular cloud notes if you've heard of them. As long as you sign up with the same accounts, you can check your notes on different devices with cloud-based notes. And I am not going to tell you which one is better because there are both nice. No one can judge with few words. I will list out their difference and you can decide on your own.


I prefer the interface of OneNote because it is much intuitive. I can switch between notes with ease.
Interface of Evernote and OneNote

Space and Price

OneNote is a complete free app. You don't need to pay a cent for its service. You will get a 15 GB free space and even more if you've subscribed Office 365. When it comes to Evernote, the basic version is free. The upload size will be only 60MB/month and the upload size of the Plus version will go to 1GB/month with a price of USD 24.99/year. And there's a premium version and a business version as well with more features unlocked.


As they are both note-taking apps, photos, audios, videos, checklist, and more attachments can simply be added into notes and sync to cloud service. Once you sign in with the same account you registered, you can have the exactly same notes as that you've saved on your iPhone when you sign in on your Android.
OneNote VS Evernote
One more feature I would like to introduce here, which is also my favorite one: Clip from Browser. If you find an excellent article or a wonderful page and want to keep it with you. You can choose to share and save it to your Evernote, OneNote. It's not saved as a picture format. It's in a text format and you can edit it, highlight, tag, categorize or even delete it as you wish. If you use the web version of Evernote/OneNote, just download the web extension and the plug-in icon on your browser to save the page to it. Lastly, they support Android, iPhone, iPad, computer and Mac perfectly and you can check and edit the notes on multiple devices as you like.
Evernote VS OneNote
These cloud-based note-taking apps help me a lot in my daily life and I sincerely hope that they will help you, too.

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