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How I Check Emails from Different Accounts

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

It seems like most of us have more than one email account. Take me for instance, I have a Gmail account, an Outlook account, and an enterprise email for work. It's dull and not handy to open several web pages and sign in these emails account to check emails. Besides, we might also screw up things if we forget the passwords of these email accounts because we didn't mark down and tidy up our passwords well. Actually, there're some types of email integrated app that help us deal with different email accounts with ease. The one that I love the most is Microsoft Outlook, which both works on iPhone and Android.
Check Emails on Android iPhone
Microsoft Outlook is my favorite email manager. Though we've got Gmail as well, it doesn't allow us to manage emails from other email server. With Microsoft Outlook on our Android or iPhone, we can add Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, iCloud Gmail and others.
Add Email Account on Android
Clear Interface and Smooth Operation
After adding accounts, we can deal with our email now. You can tap the options on the top left corner and choose to check email from either of your email accounts. There's a "Focus" folder (for the regular contacts) and an "Others" folder (for ads, promoting emails, spam or new contacts' email). If you want the interface to be more tidied, you can set to integrate all the emails in one folder.

Archive, Delete or Schedule Emails with Simple Swipes
It's very simple to delete, archive or schedule your email. Swipe left from the right to delete emails, slide half from right to left to archive the emails and slide from left to right to add time and date manually to make schedule with your Android.
Microsoft Outlook Feature
Note: There's also a surprising feature, the files. Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive and more cloud-storage servers are also supported. When we want to send email to someone, we can directly attach documents, pictures, videos or music from these cloud storage apps.

Microsoft Outlook is the first choice for me for its smooth operation, multiple email accounts supported and most of all, the cloud-based files manager server and the schedule. If you have used a more powerful email managing app, please kindly share it with us.

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