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How to Clean up iTunes Library

Athryn Mitchell

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"I love downloading new wonderful songs to my computer. I add these songs to iTunes Library so that I can play them on iTunes or later sync music from iTunes to iPhone. But the thing is: My iTunes library has dozens of duplicated songs because I add the same song to my iTunes more than once. What's more, I've deleted the songs I no longer like on my computer but the songs are still showing there in iTunes. Can anyone please show me the simple way to clean up iTunes Library? Exactly how to delete duplicated songs and delete the missing music tracks in iTunes?"
TunesGo, which is known as an excellent iTunes companion, can help you clean up your iTunes library and manage music on iTunes.

TunesGo is an extraordinary iTunes music manager because of the functions below:
1. Help fix missing music tags such as artists, albums, genre, and more.
2. Fix music covers and allows you to choose your favorite ones to save.
3. Delete duplicated songs in batches.
4. Clean music tracks of those already deleted on computer.

All these fixing functions are based on the Gracenote database. The program will match your song names with that on Gracenote database and help you fix missing music tags and covers.

Download TunesGo on your computer and read the following two parts to clean up your iTunes library.

Tutorial 1: Delete Duplicated Songs on iTunes Library
Tutorial 2: Clean Missing Music Tracks on iTunes Library
TunesGo – fix MP3 Tags for iTunes

After downloading TunesGo on your PC, please read the handy guide below to fix missing MP3 tags.

Tutorial 1: Delete Duplicated Songs on iTunes Library

Step 1 Launch TunesGo on PC
First of all, download TunesGo on your computer. Launch it after the installation. Then, in the main interface, you will see four options: "MANAGE", "TRANSFER", "DOWNLOAD" and "DISCOVER". Move your cursor to "MANAGE" and you will be shown two options – "Organize" and "Backup/Restore". Choose "Organize" and move on.
Fix Music Tags with TunesGo
Step 2 Choose "Delete Duplicate Songs"
After you click "Organize", you will see the pop up windows showing you 4 choices including "Fix Music Tags", "Fix Music Covers", "Delete Duplicate Songs" and "Clean Music Tracks". "Fix Music Tags" will be chosen by default, you just need to move your cursor and choose "Delete Duplicate Songs". And the duplicate songs will be listed in the interface. You can choose which one you'd love to delete by ticking the box next to it. Then, click "Delete Duplicates".
Delete Duplicated Songs
Note: You are allowed to select one or more columns that may contain duplicates including "Name", "Artist", "Album", "Genre" and "Size".

After clicking "Delete Duplicates", you just need to wait and within just few seconds, all the duplicated songs are deleted. You can also click "Rescan" to scan again.
Duplicated Songs Deleted
Duplicated songs are easily to be detected and deleted as you can see. By the way, sometimes when you delete songs from your iPhone, those on iTunes will still exist. However, when you click to play them, you will be informed that the files are deleted and the program will ask you to clean the missing music track. TunesGo helps you delete the missing music track with ease. Just follow the steps below:

Tutorial 2: Clean Missing Music Tracks on iTunes Library

Step 1 Launch TunesGo on PC
Launch TunesGo on your computer as mentioned in the first step in part 1.

Step 2 Clean Music Tracks
Then, Go to "Manage" > "Organize" > "Clean Music Tracks" and the software will start scanning your iTunes. After that, just click "Clean" to stop the delete the music tracks.
Clean Music Tracks
Note: You are allowed to select one or more columns that may contain duplicates including "Name", "Artist", "Album", "Genre" and "Size".

That's all about cleaning up iTunes library with the help of TunesGo. As you can see, TunesGo is a powerful iTunes companion that you don't even need to open your iTunes. Besides, TunesGo also specializes in transferring music, movies, playlists and more media files between Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and iTunes. Just download TunesGo on your computer and give it a try.

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