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How to Clear Android Cached App Data

Athryn Mitchell

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You may ask: What is cache? Actually, caches are files that stored in a temporary place on your Android phone. They boost the loading speed by pre-loading the pages when you browse the website or app again. This will save you time and mobile data as well. However, too much cache will fill up your phone memory and takes up lots of space. Here I will list several advantages for clearing cache on your Android and show you how to clear cache on your Android.

Part 1: Advantages of Clearing Cache
Part 2: Clear Cache in Android App Manager
Part 3: Empty Cache in Android Storage
Part 4: Clear Cache of Chrome App in Android

Part 1: Advantages of Clearing Cache

1. Free up phone memory to save the space for the new app.
2. Fix some apps or crashes that misbehave. (Also works for misbehaving web pages that become slow or become unresponsive.)
3. Keep update to the latest version of web pages.

According to the pros to clear cache on Android, you will find that it's a good idea to empty the cache from time to time to boost your Android phone. The steps below are based on Android 4.3 and they will be similar in other Android OS including Android 5.0 and Android 6.0.

Part 2: Clear Cache in Android App Manager

To begin with, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Application manager". Then, you will be shown all the apps that stored on your Android. Choose the app you want, Pinterest, for example. And you can tap on the "Clear cache" to clear the cache on your Samsung.
Clear Cache in Android App Manager

Part 3: Empty Cache in Android Storage

Step 1. You can also go to "Settings" > "General" > "Storage" on your Android.
Step 2. In the storage page, you should wait till the used space, cached data, miscellaneous files, available space and more calculated by the system. After that, the data amount will be shown out for you.
Step 3. Choose "Cached data" and there will be a pop up window saying "This will clear cached data for all apps." Tap on "OK" and all the cached data will be deleted in batches.
Clear Android Cache in Storage

Part 4: Clear Cache of Chrome App in Android

Of course, you can also clear cache in each app. For example, in some browser apps, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, there are other data that we takes up lots of space of your Android, such as cookies, site data and browsing history. To solve this, you can follow the below steps. Though this part is based on Google Chrome for Android, the steps of clearing browsing cache of Firefox will be similar.

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome on your Android and tap on the "" button on the top-right corner of the interface. Then, choose "Settings" to enter the settings list.
Clear Chrome Cache on Android

Step 2. Choose "Privacy" and find the blue option at the bottom "CLEAR BROWSING DATA". After that, tick those you want to clear and tap on the "CLEAR" to start the process.
Clear Cache on Android Chrome

That's it. After all the operations above, your Android has been cleared up and you will find that everything becomes smoother. But this is not a once-and-for-all solution: Cache data will keep on generating as you use the app or browse the Internet, so please keep a habit of clearing Android cache from time to time.
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