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CSV to VCF: Import CSV contacts to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Jerry has saved his contacts in the computer as a CSV file. And now he has got his problem, which is that his Android phone, Galaxy S6 could not open files in such format. It is obviously that he needs to convert it to VCF. But the problem is how?
Searching the internet, and most of the answer would be downloading an application and importing the CSV contacts to an Android with it. This is definitely not what we are going to do. It is actually quite simple if you look at the picture below.

Part 1: Import CSV to PC
Part 2: Export Windows Contacts to vCards

Part 1: Import CSV to PC

Step 1. Hit the "Start" button and click your user name > Find "Contacts" and open it > Click "Import" on the toolbar.
to Import CSV to PC
Step 2. Select the file format you want to import contacts from. Here we choose "CSV (Comma Separated Values)". After clicking the "Finish button", browse your PC and choose the CSV file you want and click the "Save" button. After that, mark the fields you want to import, for instance, first name, middle name, last name, webpage, etc. Click "Finish". This will import the selected CSV files. After that, select "Close" the end the progress.
Import to Windows Contacts

Part 2: Export Windows Contacts to vCards

Step 1. Go back to "Contacts". Select "Export" in the toolbar.
Select to Export Contacts
Step 2. Select "vCards (folder of .vcf files)" and then "Export". Done. Wait for seconds, you contacts will be exported to new format you chose to the location you selected as the screenshot.
Export Contacts to vCards
Note: The VCF file is still in the computer. To transfer it to your phone, use some applications such as Android Transfer for file managing.

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