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How to Delete Multiple Photos on iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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Whenever there are some interesting or funny things shared by my friends on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I will take a screen shot to keep those moments on my iPhone. Later on, they are taking up more and more storage space on my iPhone and I find it meaningless to have them on my phone anymore. However, deleting them all one by one would be a daunting and tedious task. Luckily, now iOS 9 provides its users with a simpler way to delete multiple pictures directly from iPhone instead of selecting and removing each and every picture individually.

Follow the steps below to delete multiple photos on iPhone without using a PC:

Step 1: Open Photos app on your iPhone
Launch the Photos app on the home screen. Then you will see the Photos app automatically organizes photos into Collections, Moments, and Years. Tap on "Photos" button at the bottom of the screen, and then select a specific collection to get on "Moments" view. You can have the options to either Select, Share or Delete the pictures.
Find Photo App on iPhoneChoose iPhone Photo Moments

Step 2: Tap on "Select" button to select multiple photos on iPhone
After previewing the photos, you can click on "Select" button and then tap on one photo. The "Swipe gesture" in iOS 9 enables you to select multiple photos on iPhone by dragging and swiping your finger across the photos wanted and then adds them to the selected list. After that, all photos selected will be marked down on the interface.
Select Photos on iPhone
Step 3: Delete multiple photos on iPhone
Then tap on the trash bin icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to delete the photos selected.
Select Photos on iPhoneChoose and Delete Photos on iPhone
Now, all selected photos are removed instantly. This method is fast and simple and requires not connection between your iPhone and computer. Besides cleaning up screenshots on iPhone, you can use this method to pick out and delete picture you took years ago.

That's how you can quickly delete multiple photos on iPhone with iOS 9. But what if you delete photo mistakenly? Don't worry, you can either check "Recently Deleted" in your iPhone Photo app or follow the guide on how to recover deleted photos and videos on iPhone to get back your iPhone pictures.

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