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How to Discover New Music/Playlist

Athryn Mitchell

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I am sure that you've googled playlists from the Internet to find some new songs. After finding that, you have to add them one by one to your music players and play them, which is quite tedious for us. To help music lovers out, TunesGo has provided a large number of playlists.

TunesGo is not only good at transferring and managing music for iTunes, iPhone or Android users, but also provides you with more useful functions such as discovering, downloading and recording music. You can easily find the top 50 songs, video music award, and more from TunesGo. You can choose the genre or scene you want according to your preference. Now, the passage will be divided into two parts:

Tutorial 1: Discover and Download New Music
Tutorial 2: Discover and Download New Playlist
TunesGo – help find favorite music/playlist for song lovers

TunesGo helps you find songs with ease. You just need to download TunesGo on your computer and choose your favorite genre or moods to find playlist simply.

Tutorial 1: Discover and Download New Music

Step 1 Download TunesGo on PC
Download and install TunesGo on your computer and launch it after the installation. Then, you will see the interface as shown below.
TunesGo Homepage
Step 2 Choose "Discover"
After you see the homepage of TunesGo, choose "Discover" on the 4th choice or click "Discover" under "GET MUSIC" list on the left side and the playlists will be shown in the interface.
Discover Category on TunesGo
Step 3 Choose and View Playlist
Then, choose a playlist that shown in the interface. Take "iTunes Top 50" for example, click on it and all the songs in it will be listed. You can preview and play them before you download those you want.
Choose Song and Download
Note: Playlists can be chose to be listed in categories of "Genre", "Scenes & Moods" or sort by new/hot.
Sort Playlist by Scene Mood Genre

Tutorial 2: Discover and Download New Playlist

Another way to discover new music is to click the download icon on the lower-right corner of the playlist. Then, all the songs in the playlist will be listed and you can choose the green button - "Download" to download them in batches.

Download Playlist with TunesGo
Note: You can also uncheck the song you don't like to skip it while downloading.

These are both the two ways to discover music and playlist with TunesGo. With it, you can easily find new wonderful songs easily. So don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other problems about TunesGo.

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