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Photo Beautify: Edit Photos on Phone without Photoshop

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

In the previous article: Capture Beautiful Scenes with SmartPhone, we shown you some tips and tricks to capture scenes and selfies with your iPhone, Android and more smart phones. They help capture a clear, colored photo. But what if you want your photos look more like a masterpiece from a professional photographer? You might think that I am going to recommend you something like Photoshop, Beauty Camera, Beautify Booth, Photo Wonder and more photo-editing software and apps. If you are expecting this, I am sorry to tell you that no, I am not going to. Photoshop is large in size and complicated to operate.

May I ask you a simple question before I cut out to the chase? The question is: What's the storage of your smartphone? 16GB? 32GB? 64GB? There are different must-have apps we've installed on our Android/iPhone, such as maps, e-dictionary, music player, videos players, social media apps and more, not to mention the large media files like videos and songs. Even if you have an external card with 32GB, they will be filled up before long. Dropbox, OneDrive and more cloud-storage apps might help, but they don't root out the problem. They will still looks like a full and untidy closet, what we need to do is to cast useless ones, tidy up stuff in it and make more space.
Full and Untidy
So, I know what you actually need. You don't need one best camera app, one best photo-editing app and one best photo sharing app. You know, a photo-editing app with a large quantity of filters and effects will take up at least 20 MB. All you need is an all-in-one app allowing you to take, edit photos and share photos with friends so that you can save a considerable storage for other data. Instagram is the one I'd love to recommend to you. Instagram is well known as a photo sharing app for you to keep in touch with your friends online. Moreover, it's also good at editing photos. Now let's see how's Instagram works as a photo-editing app?
Capture Photos with Instagram
To decorate photos with Instagram is very easy. You can tap the circle icon at the bottom of the interface and choose to add existing photos or capture new photos for editing.
Instagram Home Screen
Edit Photos with Instagram
After capturing a new photo, you can start editing the picture. At the bottom of the interface, you will see the interface as below. The first option allows you to choose the filters and effects you want and the second option enables you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and more. It's very simple to operate, just slide left or right on the slide bar. You can also adjust sharpness with Instagram as all photo editing apps can. If you want to compare your current masterpiece with the original one, you just need to press on the photo, and you will see the origin one. When you let go, here your current photo comes. Tap the blue arrow on the top-right to move on.
Add Filters and Effects on Instagram
Share Photos with Instagram
After decorating the photos you want, you can add the caption, @ your friend or pin your location. After all of this, you can simply share your photos to your friends on Instagram now.
Add Caption and Share
It's very helpful, isn't it? You will find that you don't need to download three ways to share beautiful photos or selfies with your friends on Instagram. If you try this, you can let go your camera app and photo-editing app and save up to 40 MB storage now.

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