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How to Enable SMS Delivery Report on Android

Athryn Mitchell

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There is this "hidden" function of Android phone that many users do not know. However, in daily life, they do have needs for it. Once in a while, your phone may not deliver messages properly and enabling SMS Delivery Report can show you if the words are sent before it is too late. One of the situation that I can think about is that you may text your workmate and tell some important things. And, after a while, your phone says that the delivery is failed. Image that you know nothing about the fail.

In the following part, the steps will be written into details, which is not complicated at all.The picture below belongs to Android 4.4.4. It could be a little different if your system version is not the same. But, you can always manage to do that in the same manner of the steps.

Step 1. Enter Messaging. And then you can see the text history. Click the menu bar on the upper right. After that, a small box will pop up. Select "Settings".

Step 2. This is what you may see next. Find "Request delivery report". Tick it and we've done all our job. Every time you send a message, there will be a report for you.
Enable Android SMS Delivery Report
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