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How to Fix Music Covers

Athryn Mitchell

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Some iPhone users love adding music to their iTunes. However, they find that some songs added to iTunes library manually have to music covers with them. Thankfully, TunesGo is such an excellent program that allows you to fix music covers with ease.

TunesGo helps detect songs missing covers and help fill in the music covers automatically from Gracenote Database. With simple steps, your missing music covers will be filled automatically. After that, you can also choose the added covers you love most and save them in your iTunes. To make things clearer, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to fix missing music covers.

In the next part, we will focus on the steps on how to fix iPhone covers. You can download TunesGo on your computer and follow the tutorial below.

TunesGofix MP3 covers for iTunes

After downloading TunesGo on your PC, please read the handy guide below to fix missing MP3 Covers with simple steps.

Step 1 Launch TunesGo on your Computer
Download a copy of TunesGo from the download button above. Then, launch it after the installation. After that, you will see 4 options provided in the main interface, "MANAGE", "TRANSFER", "DOWNLOAD" and "DISCOVER". Move your cursor to "MANAGE" and choose "Organize".
Choose Organize to Fix Music Covers
Step 2 Find "Fix Music Covers" Option
Then, you will be led to the screen as shown below: 4 options are provided including "Fix Music Tags", "Fix Music Covers", "Delete Duplicate Songs" and "Clear Missing Tracks". Choose the second options – "Fix Music Covers" and the songs which miss music covers will be listed as below. Just simply click "Get Covers" on the upper right corner of the screen.
Fixing Missing Music Covers for iTunes
Note: This operation is also workable to help you fixing missing music covers: Choose "Music" category under "ITUNES LIBRARY" and then you can click "Clean Up" > "Fix Music Covers".
Music Covers Fixed with TunesGo
Step 3 Choose Your Favorite Covers and Save Them
After that, the corresponding covers will be added from Gracenote database. You are allowed to choose the triangle buttons to preview the covers. Just choose your favorite one and click "Save" to save the covers.
Choose Music Covers and Save
Note: If the program can't find the corresponding covers from Gracenote database, the songs will be turn to a green "+" icon in a dark grey circle. You can click on the icon and add a cover you like manually by browsing your computer folder.

That's it. With only three steps, TunesGo can help you fix your missing music covers as well as fixing music tags like albums, genre and years, etc. For more detail functions of TunesGo, you can download it and give it a try. You will find that it is not a music tags/cover fixer, iTunes music manager but also an extraordinary music transfer program between iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes and Android.

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