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How to Fix Whatsapp Task Manager Error

Athryn Mitchell

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In many forums, there are a handful of query about WhatsApp messages not receiving, messages delay and more. There's no need to be panic. Task manager is the one to be blame.

Pros of Using Task Manager
Task manager is also called task killer. It is a kind of apps that are used to kill apps that running silently in the background. It will not only boost up your smart phone, but also save battery life for you.

Cons of Using Task Manager
However, as mentioned above, Task Manager is used to force-stop apps. This will without doubt bring you some inconveniences on using apps like WhatsApp:
1. If the task manager permanently disables WhatsApp, you will fail to receive some WhatsApp.
2. If the task manger temporarily disable WhatsApp. It will disconnect and reconnect your account to the server which will waste battery and extra data traffic.
3. If the task killer closes the application, the message will be a few minutes delay when delivering.

How to Fix Task Manager Issue on WhatsApp
If you find that there're something wierd with your WhatsApp, you can check the Task Manager on your Android first. Check if any of these task managers are installed on your Android. If yes, please uninstall it from your Android phone.
1. Advanced Task Killer by ReChild
2. Advanced Task Manager by Cyrket / Arron
3. TasKiller by Cyrket / Arron
4. Task Manager by Adao
Fix Task Manager Issue with WhatsApp on Android
Note: If you still want to use these task killer apps on your Android because your Android phone is really slow and you want to boost it up, you can install the task killer after you complete the verification process.

That's what you need to do to fix WhatsApp manager killer issue. Please let us know if you have any other issue.
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