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"Forgot Password" Issue Solved by Password Manager

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Everything in our daily life needs password for security, such as Paypal password, email password, license and the password for your safe, etc. Some requires passcodes with upper case, some requires lower case and even some only allows numbers. I believe that you've been pissed off when you are trying to sign in an account you've registered long time ago. When you have it wrong, you will get a prompt saying that "The username or password is incorrect." And it will never tell you whether it is your username or password that is incorrect, so after trying several times, your account will be locked.
Forget Password
Most of us write down all the passwords into notebook. Imagine this: You are using your phone in your bed in a freezing winter night; you forget the password for your eBook reader. After seeking it all around, you found that the notebook which contains all the passwords are on your desk beyond your reach. You might hope that your legs are long enough so that you can fetch the notebook.

Issues like forgetting password or reluctantly coming out from your warm bed to fetch your password book won't happen if you try these two solutions:
1. Use note-taking apps to save your passwords on your Android or iPhone.
2. Use password managing apps such as 1Password to save all kinds of passwords and sync them between devices: Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac. As long as you have 1Password on these devices, you can sync and have all these passwords with you.

Various Categories and Accounts
As an excellent password manager, 1Password helps you save different types of passwords, including driver licenses, identities, logins, passports, reward programs, secure notes, software licenses and wireless routers, you name it.
Add Various Account in Password Manager
If you are trying to sign up a new account on a website, you can follow the simple steps to create a long, strong password which are not easy to be hacked. Just tap on the "+" and choose the category you like. In this case, I chose the "Login" category. You can write down the title, username and password (as complex as possible). It's said that some simple passwords can be broke and your account hacked within 5 seconds!

Password Generator
To get a more secure password, you can choose the "Generate" button. This function is really awesome. You can trust me on that. After choosing "Generate", there's a pop-up window. You can choose the password length as you wish, up to 64 characters! You can combine digits and symbols into the passwords just by adapting the scrollbars. Now, here you go, a new password with 64 characters consisting of digits and symbols. You don't even need to worry that you will forget the passwords. You just need to click on the "Copy" button next to it.
Get Strong Password with Password Generator
Cross-Platform Syncing
It works on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac. You can easily sync all these accounts, identities and so on to every device. For example, I can create a new account on my Windows 1Password and sync it to my Android. After that, when I want to sign in the same account, I can easily go to 1Password and copy the password to access it. If you use cloud-storage apps like Dropbox, you can also choose to sync over Dropbox.
Sync Password Between Devices
I know, the first problem you might be concerned about is the security problem. 1Password did a good job on security. No matter what device you are using, you should set up a password to unlock the app. After you input the password on the "Master Password" field, you can enter the software managing app and check the accounts and password in it. So, you don't need to worry about privacy or any extra loss even if you have your Android or iPhone gone.
Enter Master Password to Enter the App
1Password or other password managers help us a lot in our daily life because we have different accounts to keep, such as bank accounts, top secret files, email accounts, instant messaging apps accounts, cloud-based note-taking apps accounts like Evernote, OneNote, etc. If you think it is hard for you to carry your notebook which you keep all your password with you, you'd better give 1Password a try. It's awesome.

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