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Hide Online/Offline Status on WhatsApp

Athryn Mitchell

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Social networking likes WhatsApp and Skype are sometimes distracting because one of your WhatsApp contacts might see you online and chat with you on unimportant things just for killing time. The function such as hiding online/offline status on WhatsApp will be needed because after enabling this, we can avoid gossiping on unimportant thing and go online quietly and leave quietly when things done.

Unlike Skype which we can go Online, Offline, Leave, Do Not Disturb and Invisible, we can only setup last seen status on our WhatsApp. If you don't turn off last seen by seeing by everyone, he/she who sent you a message will get a Last Seen message when you read the messages and it will be not polite if you don't reply to it immediately. Now, let's go to the steps to hide online/offiline status on WhatsApp.

How to Hide Online/Offline Status or Last Seen Info on WhatsApp
Step 1. Go to "Account" interface.
Step 2. Choose "Privacy" from the list.
Step 3. In the next interface, select "Last seen".
Step 4. You will see "Everyone", "My contacts" and "Nobody", choose "Nobody" if you want to hide online status and last seen info from your WhatsApp contacts.
Hide Online Offline Status on WhatsApp
After that, no one on your WhatsApp can see your last seen info and your privacy protected. However, if you can't see the last seen info of your friends, it doesn't mean for certain that your WhatsApp contact has their last seen status hidden as well. There are several possibilities:
1. He/she hides last seen status.
2. When you hide last seen status from your WhatsApp contacts, you can't see theirs as well.
3. You might be blocked by your WhatsApp friend. Please check this post to tell if you are blocked on WhatsApp.

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