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How to Use Cortana on Windows Phone

Athryn Mitchell

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Cortana is a capable speaktoit assistant which is pre-installed on Windows phone. It's a know-it-all app that can answer most of your question and bring you convenience including adding notes, reminder, set alarms, and more. Let's see what exactly it can do for Windows phone users.

1. Set Alarms on Windows Phone with Cortana

Alarm is one of the most useful features on our smartphone. You can add an alarm by saying "Wake me up at 7 AM" or "Set an Alarm on 12 this morning" as long as you mentioned the keyword "Wake me up", "Set alarm" and so on. You can also say "Wake me up in 15 minutes" and Cortana will set an alarm according to the current time on your Windows phone.
Set Alarm with Cortana

2. Add Schedule with Cortana from Text

When you receive an invitation of going to get tacos together, Cortana will pop up and asking you if you want to be added into schedule. The event detail like description, date, time and more can all be added easily.
Add Schedule from Text Messages

3. Add Schedule with Cortana from Email

Cortana can also read your Email content and ask you to add your plan to calendar if you have set up Cortana before.
Add Schedule from Email

4. Check Weather without Opening Browser

Cortana will not only find files from your Windows phone, but also search for the Internet for other files. If you want to have a quick look on the weather forecast, you don't need to Bing it or Google it. Just long tap on the search icon and ask Cortana about the weather.

5. Add Map Favorites with Cortana

If you've gone to the same place for several times, Cortana will recognize it and ask you if you want to name this place and save it to maps favorites. You can type in its name and tap on "Save" to save it to your Windows phone map.
Add Map Favorites with Cortana
If it is "gym" that you added to map favorites, Cortana will ask you if you want to maintain a fitness routine for you. If yes, it will even provide you with detail infos like weather, news, traffic and more.
Check Fitness Routine
As you can see, Cortana is so smart and brings us many conveniences on not only using Windows phone, but also on our everyday life. It's one of the popular voice assistance as well as Siri from Apple and Google Now from Google. Let's expect what Cortana will bring us in the next update.

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