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How to Import Contacts from Gmail

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

It could be a problem when you have no idea how to import the contacts in the old phone to a new one. And many people think that it gets tougher if they are trying this between two different phone systems, iOS and Android for example. But, as a matter of fact, there are so many ways, one of which is Gmail.

One of the reasons that I love this method the most is the convenience it offers—we can sync the contact any time, regardless of phone systems. In other words, Android, WP8 and iOS users can all solve their problems in the same way. Now, let's go into details.

Note: It works under one circumstance that your phone has got GMS. (Short for Google Mobile Service,) If you have it, start with step 1. If not, find what you need at the Google website.

Step 1. Sign up at this website: mail.google.com

Step 2. Move your phone numbers or contacts in other mails (Hotmail and Foxmail for example) to Gmail. In this step, you need to do it on the computer. Export the data in the old phone to PC. After that, sign in to Gmail and then you can see this interface. Do as the following signs say--choose "Gmail > Contacts > More > Import".
Move Contacts to Gmail
Step 3. Select the very file that keeps your numbers. Use the button "Open" to upload it.
Choose Files to Save Contacts
Step 4. Add your Gmail account on the new phone by going to "Accounts" in "Settings" and hitting "Add account". The next move will, of course, be entering your account and password. And sync the contacts.
Add Gmail Account
Step 5. Save new numbers to Gmail next time. When you add a contact, there will be a pop-up, which shows the spaces to keep your data. Three choices are left for you—SIM, Phone or Google. Tick "Google" with your Gmail account under it and all is done.

For more ways to transfer contacts between different systems, see articles about Phone Transfer.

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