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How to Install Android Apps to SD Card

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

I get notifications everyday saying my phone is nearly out of space. It is rather annoying, and if you are a long-time Android user like me, you will know. Basically, the internal storage is much smaller, compared to a normal SD card that we can get in the market. Yet some applications tend to be installed in the device itself and we don't have a saying in this.

If you leave it alone, the application and the cache will take up too much room one day. What we will do later can slow the process down a little bit. The method we are going to talk about today works without any third party apps. And for the information, this is doing in Android 4.2.2.

Step 1. Click Manage Apps
Go to Settings > Manage apps. It is under the catalogue of Apps.
to Manage App
Step 2. Hit the Applications That You Want to Move
You can now see the apps that have been installed in your handset. Take WhatsApp for example, click the icon and the second picture will show. Simply click "Move to SD card" and wait for it to finish. Also, you may clear the cache and the data by hitting the corresponding buttons.
Move App Data
Step 3.Set Default Storage
To avoid the data from storing in the internal storage again, you can go to Settings > Storage > Default storage location > choose SD card.
Set Default Storage
Note: When you change the default storage location, the phone will be power off and on again. Do not worry about it.

Thank you for reading this. And if you want your phone to be operated smoothly, you'd better do this from the time you use it.

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