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How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iTunes

Athryn Mitchell

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I got a new laptop from my father when I was enrolled in college. And I would like to move some music from my iPhone 6 Plus to iTunes on my computer since the library is empty. So, my question is how to transfer songs from iPhone to iTunes.
To sync iPhone songs to iTunes, of course we can use iTunes. However, errors sometimes occur when you connect iDevice to iTunes and lead to a failed connection. And you need to plug and unplug the phone, enter password, trust the computer again and again. The good news is now we have alternative – TunesGo.

Fully compatible with iOS and iTunes 12, TunesGo can move any tracks from iPhone to iTunes library without any duplicates. You can transfer songs with single click and several minutes. The process is so safe that you will not lose any data. What's more, TunesGo is easy to use due to its intuitive interface. Unbelievable? Just download it by clicking the Download button
TunesGo - an expert in music management

With the help of TunesGo, you can move your music from iPhone to iTunes without any obstacle.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to PC
Note: iTunes should be installed on the computer.
Install and open TunesGo on your computer. Connect iPhone to your computer to start using the program. Once the device is detected, you will see the interface as below. Then choose "Copy Music from Device to iTunes".
Connect iPhone to PC
Step 2 Scan iPhone Music
Before copying data from iPhone to iTunes Library, TunesGo will demand for scan music in iPhone the iTunes library. You will get the below note. Click the button "Start". Then TunesGo will auto-detects the difference between files on iPhone and iTunes, and only copies what's missing, including music, playlists, etc.
Detect iPhone and iTunes
Step 3 Copy Songs from iPhone to iTunes
Scan complete! Media files including songs are scanned. You can view the size and amount of audios. Then tick "Music" and click the button "Copy to iTunes".

Now you have done all jobs. Just wait. TunesGo can spend some time to copy and transfer songs from iPhone to iTunes.
Copy Songs from iPhone to iTunes
Besides, you can transfer other media files such as movies, podcasts, iTunes U, TV show, music videos, and audiobooks by following the same steps. And it is available to migrate files from iTunes to iPhone in the contrast.

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