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Keep Your e-Notepad With You Anywhere

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Most of us have a habit of keeping a diary. For example, a French student called Ellina T. posted on Instagram about her notebooks which include some beautiful hand-writing, lovely sketches/stories and practical How-tos.
Take Notes with Notebooks
That's incredible and amazing but after few years of note-taking, there will have a bundle of diary notebook in your house. Taking notes with the notebooks may cause extra money, extra space to keep the old notebooks and not convenient to carry, as well.
A Bundle of Notebooks
Today, technology covers more and more sphere in our daily life. e-books, e-mails, e-magazine, e-commerce, e-learning, and so on, are no longer new words to us. How about e-notepad? I am sure that an e-notepad might be welcomed by these dairy-keepers. There are many note-taking apps for mobile phones.

I used to takes note with my notebook few years ago. I wrote down every little thought and mark down the new ideas in my notebook. I enjoyed this very much. However, there are quite often that I forgot to carry my notebook with me because I am about to late for work. That's inconvenient when I want to take notes. So, I am searching for some useful note apps to replace my notebook because I will never forget to take my mobile with me. And that's how I met Vesper.

Vesper is the best note app I've ever used. It has a clean and neat interface. After attaching photos in the notes, I can tag them and find the exact notes I want if needed. The tagging is what I think makes it different from other note-taking apps.
Use Vesper as e-Notepad to Take Notes
The sync features are also what surprise us: We can back up the notes to keep them save. Of course, there are other powerful features that most note apps have. The one I used is for iPhone and you can check whether it works on Android device as well. After trying this app, I don't have to take the notebooks and the pen with me anymore. What I need is just my iPhone.

e-notepad is much useful for me compare with the paper notebook because everything is tidied up and we can easily find what we want at ease. However, if you afraid that all the notes in it will be gone as well once your iPhone/Android is broken or stolen, then a cloud-based note-taking app will solve your concern.

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