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How to Make Ringtone for iPhone 6

Athryn Mitchell

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I believe that you are tired of the limited sounds provided on your iPhone for you to set as ringtone. Today, I will show you how to customize ringtone for your iPhone 6. Download iTunes on your computer and prepare for a USB cable for your iPhone 6.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes
First of all, make sure your iTunes is the latest version and launch it. After that, connect your iPhone to the computer. Then, check "My Music" and find the songs you want to set as ringtone. Right click the songs you want and choose "Get Info" in the pop up list.
Click Songs and Get Info
Step 2 Set up the songs in "Options"
After that, in the info list, you can find the "Options" choice. Click it and you will see the start and stop time. You can play the music and get your favorites snatch of songs by typing the start and stop time in the box. Then, click "OK".
Cut Audio Less than 30 Seconds
Note: Only those songs which are less than 30 seconds can be set as ringtone. Pick up the 30-seconds sound you love the most and continue.

Step 3. Create AAC version with the song you chose
After that, the song you just edited will generate in the list with the same name as the previous song. You can right click the short audio and find "Create AAC Version". Click it and the song will be save on your computer as .m4a format.
Choose Create AAC Version
Step 4. Show the song in Windows Explorer
Then, right click the song again and click "Show in Windows Explorer" to check it.
Show the Song in Windows Explorer
In the Windows Explorer, you will see the audio added in .m4a format as shown below. You will be asked to change the extent name from .m4a to .m4r which is supported on iPhone.
Change M4a to M4r Format
Note: Or you can also find the music path by right click the new audio and then choose "Get Info" and "File" and you will see the path shown under "Location".
Find New Music File on Computer
Step 5. Play and check the song in tone list
After that, you can play the .m4r song on iTunes. Then, you will find it added to "Tone" – "My Tone" as shown below.
New Song Added to Ringtone List
Step 6. Sync Tones to your iPhone
Now, you've come to the sync process. First of all, click the device icon on the top and find "Tones" under settings. Tick "Sync Tones" – "Selected tones" and tick "I Love LA" which you just edited. And click "Apply" on the bottom right corner of the interface.
Sync Tones on iPhone
Step 7. Set ringtones on your iPhone
Now you can add the sounds on your iPhone. Turn to your iPhone and go to "Settings" - "Sounds" - "Ringtone" and choose the tone you've just added and click "Store" on the top right corner.
Set Ringtone on iPhone
That's it. After the steps above, you can make customized ringtones for iPhone 6 with your favorite songs on your own. If you have any difficulty while trying the process, please leave comments below or email us. We will spare no efforts to help you out with this.
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