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My Way to Manage Music At Ease

Athryn Mitchell

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iTunes is an outstanding music player where we can purchase music and videos from iTunes Store. Ever since I bought a new iPhone 6s, I love purchasing music and movies from iTunes Store because the plenty of media sources always surprised me. However, things like these sometimes happen: The music that I want can't be found on iTunes or I found some wonderful songs from third-party sites like Pandora/Spotify and want to sync them to my iPhone. I know that we can sync music from computer to iPhone with iTunes. But, the point is, there are lots of limitation when we want to sync music from third-party sites. So, I searched for some music managing software to manage music on computer, iTunes and iPhone with ease. The one I can't wait to recommend to you is TunesGo.
Enjoy Music

Manage iTunes Library

We all know that the ID3 tags of the music that downloaded from iTunes Store are quite completed. ID3 such as genre, artist and album enables us to manage our music easier. For example, we can create a new playlist and add all Jazz songs into it referring to music genre and check which album the songs are in. When we add songs from third-party sites, we will find that some of them have a lack of the music tags or covers. It will be difficult to cope with them when there are too many songs. Thankfully, TunesGo is good at filling missing tags, covers automatically. To see how perfectly it works, please read the articles below:

How to Fix MP3 Tags
How to Fix Music Covers

Transfer Songs Between iOS/Android, Computer and iTunes

More and more people nowadays have more than one portable device including smart phone and tablet. Transferring data between different smart phones are quite troublesome, especially when we want to transfer files between Android and iOS which runs different operating systems. There are many free methods to transfer music between iPhone, Android, PC and iTunes, but the steps are very complex. I keep looking for a simpler way to sync songs between all my devices with ease until I found TunesGo. TunesGo helps transfer media files between two devices swiftly or add music to iTunes Library flawlessly. Besides, we can even delete music or edit song info as we wish. Here're two tutorials on how to execute the operation:

How to Transfer Music Between PC/Mac and iTunes
How to Transfer Music Between PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod

Rebuild iTunes Library Swiftly

I have lots of music stored in my iTunes Library now. Last month, I bought a new computer and want to copy the iTunes Library, which has thousands of songs in it, from my old computer to new one. That's not an easy thing for me. Some of my friends say that I just need to log in my Apple ID and download the songs in my purchased list again to store them in iTunes Library on my new computer. However, most of songs in my iTunes are downloaded from third-party sites. So, that's obvious that logging in Apple ID doesn't work for me. With TunesGo, rebuilding iTunes Library from old computer to new one is as simple as a piece of cake. Just follow the simple guide below:

How to Rebuild iTunes Library Quickly
Manage iTunes Library

Discover and Download Music Without Restriction

TunesGo is a smart and outstanding music managing program as well as a music discovering tool. Why? It's smart because it helps fixing missing MP3 tags, covers for our music. It's outstanding because it provides us with a mass of music resources. With it, we can download music on YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and more. It will also recommend some wonderful songs or top lists for us to choose. Of course, if we find some amazing background music and can't get the music resource from iTunes Store or anywhere, we can use TunesGo to record music on ourselves. You can follow these to see how that works:

How to Download Music from YouTube
How to Record Audio from Computer
How to Discover New Music/Playlist

TunesGo is a worth trying music managing software that allows us to manage music at ease. As a powerful music companion, TunesGo helps to minimize the inconvenience caused by the complex operation of iTunes and makes it easier for music lovers to manage and cope with music on different devices. If you don't think iTunes is satisfied enough for managing music, you can try TunesGo. I am sure that you will be surprised and would love to share it with your friends.

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