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How to Better Manage Windows Phone Contacts

Athryn Mitchell

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In this article, you will be shown the useful way to sync Outlook and Gmail contacts to your new Windows phone. That's a handy way because you don't need to add the contacts one by one by entering their name, phone numbers, email, job titles and more on your Windows phone. In the next paragraph, the passage will be divided into two parts showing you how to transfer contacts from Outlook and from Gmail to Windows phone.

Part 1. Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Windows Phone
Part 2. Transfer Contacts from Gmail to Windows Phone

Part 1. Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Windows Phone

Step 1. Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Or Not
First of all, you should be sure whether you use Outlook with Microsoft Exchange or Outlook Microsoft without Exchange. You can try it if you are not sure:
For Microsoft Outlook 2007: Click "Tools" > "Account Settings" > "E-mail". Then, you will see "Name" and "Type" in the interface. Whether your Outlook is with Exchange or not will be shown under "Type".
Check Email Type for Outlook 2007
For Microsoft Outlook 2010: Choose "File" > "Info" > "Account Information" > click "Account Settings" > select "Account Settings" on Outlook 2010 on your computer. And you will see the Outlook info under "Type" as well.
Check Email Type for Outlook 2010
For Microsoft Outlook 2013: the steps will be the same as that for Microsoft Outlook 2010, and the interface will be shown below.
Check Email Type for Outlook 2013
Step 2. Export CSV File from Outlook
1. Take Outlook 2013 for example, you need to go to "File" > "Open & Export" or click "Import/Export" after launching Outook 2013 on your computer as the interface below shows.
Choose Import or Export on Outlook 2013
2. Choose "Export to a file" and then tap or click "Next".
Choose Export to a File
3. Select "Comma Separated Values" > "Next" > "Contacts" > "Next".
Select Comma Seperated Values Contacts
4. Now your Outlook contacts have been exported in CSV file. What you need to do now is to add Outlook account on Windows phone.

Step 3. Import Contacts to Outlook
1. Go to http://people.live.com and sign in to your Microsoft account.
2. Tap "Import from file"
Import from File
3. Choose Microsoft Outlook (using CSV) and select "Browse" to browse the CSV file.
4. Choose "Import contacts" > "Microsoft Outlook (using CSV)".
5. Go to your Windows phone and click "Settings" > "Email + accounts" > "Microsoft account" as below.
Set Up and Sync Contacts
6. After that, click "Sync" in the following step to import the CSV contacts to your Windows phone.

Part 2. Transfer Contacts from Gmail to Windows Phone

Step 1. Add Gmail Account
Go to "Settings" > "email + accounts" > "add an account". Then, a pop-up list will allow you to choose the email service you want. Choose "Google" to add a Gmail account on your Windows phone.
Add an Account
Step 2. Sign in Gmail Account
Sign in the email address and the password of your Gmail account. Then, choose "Email, contacts and calendar" in the next window to sync them to your Windows phone. You will see the Google account added to your Windows phone now.
Add New Gmail Account
Now contacts name, phone number and email address of your Outlook and Gmail accounts have been synced to your Windows phone now. If you have any problem while managing Windows phone contacts from Outlook or Gmail, please leave us comment below and we will try our best to help.

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