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How to Print Text Messages from Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Many Android users are keen on keeping their old messages on the smartphone. However, the phone is not an ideal place to stored these precious data, for the memory storage can get full and the phone will be lost or damaged. But it is a good idea to save this treasure on the paper. In other words, print text messages from Android. But before that, you need to export the data to PC with a useful program, for example, Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery can help you to export all the SMS messages in you Android devices, including the deleted ones. With few clicks, you can extract the SMS you want and export them to PC in HTML or CSV file. Then you can print them out with the printer.

Step 1. Connect your Android Phone to PC
First of all, bridge your Android phone to the computer where Android Data Recovery is installed and opened. Wait for seconds, your smartphone will be detected. If not, go to your phone and check whether the USB debugging is turned on.

Step 2. Select File Type to Scan
When you see the screen as below, please choose a file type to scan and recover. In this step, we will highlight "Messages" so that the program will scan and then recover the messages on your Android phone only. Then click the "Next" button.
Select File Type to Scan
Step 3. Allow the Program to Access Your Phone
When step 2 is done, the program will get ready for scanning. But the premise is that you have hit "Allow/Grant/Authorize". Only then can the program get permission to access your smartphone.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Text Messages from Android
The scan result will be posted on the interface, showing the amount of SMS in your Android phone. Hit "Messages". You can preview every item of the text messages at the table, including text content, name, phone number, sent and received time, etc. Deleted items will be written in red. Mark whichever ones you need and click "Recover". They will be retrieved and exported to the PC.
Preview and Recover SMS from Android
Step 5. Print out Exported SMS
Go to the folder where the retrieved messages are stored on your PC. They are in HTML and CSV format. Select the HTML file which is easy to read and print it out with the printer.
Print out Exported SMS
That's it. With the duplicate, you will never fear of losing your text messages! Share this guide with your friends. They may need it.

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