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eBook Reader: How I Read Books on SmartPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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When off-duty, we can do things we love to: some loves having a drink in the bar, some loves spending the whole night playing with their kids and of course, some loves reading quietly in bed. If you just work for few years like me, it's very likely that you can't afford a house with a large study room and big bookshelf for the books. However, we can keep our hobby of reading books in a much economical way – with the help of the eBook reader apps on Android/iPhone.
Read Books with Bookshelf on Smartphone
There are many useful eBook readers which are very excellent to help. The one that I would love to recommend first is Kindle from Amazon. There are more than one million books in the Kindle Store. With this Amazon Kindle, we can not only read books, but also magazines and newspapers. There are both free books and paid books provided. You can also use the build-in dictionary, Google or Wikipedia as a tool for further understanding of the contents. As most eBook readers supports, you can add notes and highlight and sync them to Android, iOS, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and more.
Read eBooks with Kindle
Wattpad is also a useful ebook reader which contains dozens of stories and books written by published authors. You can search and explore books on Wattpad and follow the writers or other readers to leave comments. Moreover, you can also write your own story and share your writing with Wattpad community. Last but not least, you can also download the stories you like on your Android/iPhone so that you can read them offline.
Read Books with Wattpad
Google Play Books is an excellent ebook reader from Google Inc. There are over 4 million books provided on Google Play Books. You can find those you want and save it in your library. There are many preference settings offered to give you a better reading experience. You can select fonts, font size and more. The page turn effect is elegant and you can use dictionary, search within books and listen to books with text-to-speech.
Read Books with Google Play Books
With this kind of ebook reader on your Android or iPhone, you can spend your time on reading even if you don't have a big study room. You can read books anywhere with your smartphones. This will make every second of your life meaningful without loitering your time away.
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