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How to Record Audio from Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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"I am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory. When I watched Episode 6 of Season 7, I was touched by the song Howard sings for Bernadette – ‘If I Didn't Have You'. I've tried my best to search for it in iTunes but the results kept turning me down. Can anyone share it with me or tell me how can I deal with it? "
Actually, there are few soundtracks resources of TV Series and movies provided on the Internet so we can't easy get a copy by downloading music from YouTube or Spotify or iTunes. What we can do is to record it with the help of TunesGo by ourselves.

TunesGo is an excellent audio recorder that allows you to record the audio, soundtrack, wonderful sounds on your computer. You can record your favorite part of the music and enjoy it on your iTunes. This powerful software also helps when you don't want to pay for the song.

TunesGo – record audio from computer

To get a copy of your favorite soundtrack, you can use TunesGo to record audios from computer no matter they are on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Vemio, Vevo or other websites.

Step 1 Install TunesGo on PC
Download and install it on your computer and then launch it.
TunesGo Home
Step 2 Choose "Record" in The Interface
Choose "Record" under "GET MUSIC" list. And you will see the interface as below.
Record Music from Spotify
Step 3 Play Music on Spotify
Go to Spotify official site on your PC and play the songs you want to record.
Play Music on Spotify
Step 4 Click "Rec" to Start Recording Songs
Then, go back to TunesGo and click on "Rec" to start recording the music and the tracks will be recorded automatically.
Start Recording with TunesGo
To stop recording, click on the button where you click "Rec" and the soundtrack on Spotify will be recorded successfully and saved automatically in the "Recorded" category under "ITUNES LIBRARY".
Spotify Music Recorded
With four steps mentioned above, the music tracks which are expensive to buy or difficult to find can be recorded from any site. You use TunesGo to record music from computer and they will be saved in "Recorded" category on iTunes by default.

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