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How to Record Music from Radio

Athryn Mitchell

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One way to find songs is to listen to the music radio on Radio.com. However, it is a little difficult to get those old but wonderful songs because there are few resources on iTunes, YouTube or Spotify. However, there are still ways for us to record music from Radio. Just download TunesGo and follow the steps below.

TunesGo, the excellent music transfer software, is also an outstanding program that allows you to get music by recording them. There's no need to worry anymore because though you can't find access to download the music you want from iTunes, YouTube or somewhere else, you can also choose to record them and save them in iTunes with simple steps.

TunesGo – record music from Radio with ease

With the help of TunesGo, you can record the songs while playing the music on Radio, Spotify, YouTube and more sites.

Step 1 Install TunesGo on Your PC
Download TunesGo by clicking the download button above. Then, install it on your computer and launch it after everything is ready. Then, you will see the main interface of TunesGo as below.
TunesGo Home
Step 2 Choose "Record" and Get Ready for Recording
Then, click "Record" on the left panel and you will see the red record button as below shown in the interface.
Record Music from Radio
Step 3 Prepare for the Songs You Want
Then, go to the official site of Radio.com and play the radio program.
Play Music on Radio
When it comes to the song you want to record, just click on the red button "REC" as shown in step 2.

Step 4 Music is Being Recorded Now
Now, as you can see, the music is now being recorded by TunesGo. You can click on the button again if you want to finish recording.
As you can see in the following interface, the song is being recorded. Just click on the button again if you want to stop it.
Start Recording
Step 5 Finish Recording
After you finish recording the music, it will be saved in your iTunes library. You can go to the "Recorded" folder to check and play them with ease now.
Spotify Music Recorded
With the same steps, you can record music from Spotify with TunesGo. There's no need to purchase the songs anymore if you don't have high requirement on the music quality. Please just try TunesGo and you will find that TunesGo is excellent in transferring music from iTunes to iPhone as well.

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