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Best Recording for iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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"I am planning to go to a lecture of a well-known scientist from Canada. His theory is so professional and convincing. I am his big fan and I don't want to miss a word. Is there any way that I can mark down what he said in the speech for later study? What iPhone recording apps will be recommended? I will be very appreciated if given any suggestion."
To solve this, I found 5 excellent voice recording apps for iPhone users. Please have it a try and find out your favorite one.

Voice Recorder HD
Voice Recorder HD is an outstanding voice recording app for iPhone which provides you with clean interface as well as extraordinary audio recording features. With it, you can record the sounds for up to 21 hours with high quality. It also allows you to keep recording while you are using other apps. You can adjust the audio quality from low, medium and high, 8KHz, 22.05KHz and 44.1KHz correspondingly. You will be allowed to share email, Bluetooth, iCloud, Dropbox and AirDrop. Moreover, it allows external mic to record sounds in distance or in a big room. It compresses large HQ Audio File (.WAV) into M4A with minimum quality loss with Apple Lossless Auido Codec (ALAC).
VoiceRecorder HD for iPhone

iTalk Recorder Premium
Different recording qualities are supported: 11.025, 22.05 and 44.10KHz. After recording, you can share the voice memo from iTalk to Dropbox, SoundCloud or directly share through iTunes. This voice recorder also allows you to record it in the background. In iTalk Recorder Premium, you can locate recordings by title with the build-in search function.
iTalk for iPhone

AudioNote Lite
AudioNote Lite is a combination notepad and voice recorder for you to record audios. In AudioNote Lite, there's no need for you to check the whole audio to find the particular section you are looking for. You can add notes while recording voices and after that, you just need to choose the notes and it will lead you to the corresponding audio. With the help of AudioNote Lite, you can insert text, drawings, photos and more into the notes. If you are using iPad, you can use even import your PDF file and take notes on it. After recording, you can share them with iCloud, Dropbox and iTunes.
AudioNote Lite for iPhone

ClearRecord Pro
ClearRecord Pro has adopted Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) feature to record conversations in any noisy place including restaurant, street and train station. The audios can be stored in either WAV or AAC formats on your iPhone. Voice tagging, photo inserting and editing are also supported in this ClearRecord Pro.
ClearRecord Pro for iPhone

QuickVoice2Text Email
One outstanding feature that QuickVoice2Text Email got is a built-in ringtone recording feature. You can record and set the voice as your iPhone ringtone for free with high quality. After that, you can send voice notes via Messages and Voicemails as you wish. The recording quality of this awesome app can be up to 20MB.
Quickvoice2text Email for iPhone
So, have you found out your favorite voice recording app now? Please feel free to let us know if you have other useful apps to recommend to iPhone users.
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