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How to Resize Photos on iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

There are many ways to resize your iPhone photos, some of you may think about editing the photos with Photoshop. But you know that firstly, it will slow down your computer when launching and secondly, you have to transfer photos from iPhone to computer first and then move them back if you want to use it to edit photos on iPhone. So that's not your first option, from my point of view. How about downloading some photo editing apps on iPhone? And then edit the pictures after you launch them? That's much convenient compare with using Photoshop, but some of them are not free to download. And besides, what if you run out of space? This is not the best choice, either.
iPhone Photos Editing Apps
Then, how can we resize photos on iPhone easily? Today, I will show you the simple steps without downloading any app on your iPhone or transferring the pictures to PC. You can do it just with the pre-installed Mail app on your iPhone.

How to Resize iPhone Photos with Mail

Step 1. Choose Photos to Resize
Go to the photo folder on your iPhone and tick the photos you want to resize and click on the share icon.

Step 2. Choose to Send
Then, swipe left or right to find the option "Mail" as the first interface below shows.

Step 3. Choose Email Address and Subject
Then, type in the address of your email you can access to and then make up a subject. After that, click "Send" on the top right corner.

Step 4. Choose the Size You Need
After clicking the "Send" button above, you will see several options there in the popup: "Small", "Medium", "Large" and "Actual Size".
Resize iPhone Photos
Note: The pixel sizes are different between these 4 options:
1. For the "Small" one, it goes to 320*240.
2. For the "Medium" one, it goes to 640*480.
3. For the "Large" one, it goes to 1632*1224.
4. For the "Actual Size" one, it goes to 3264*2448.

That's pretty easy, isn't it? With it, you don't need to waste time on downloading any software or apps to edit, cut the photos. You can get all the iPhone photos resized in batches.
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