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How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

Athryn Mitchell

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The option 'Delete old messages' is on, which enable my phone to automatically delete old SMS as limits of 500 are reached, ! And I totally unaware of it. Well, the old conversations from my friend are deleted when items reach 500. Please, can I retrieve deleted text messages on Android?
This can be a common situation where Android user lost their data. Once text messages are deleted, stop using the phone in case that data are overwritten. And then, go to Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is designed to retrieve deleted Android text conversations. It is compatible with all kinds of mainstreamed Android brands, for example, Samsung Galaxy, LG G, Google Nexus, HUAWEI, HTC One, Sony Xperia, etc. With this program, you can selectively get back you lost SMS with simple steps.

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to PC
Open Android Data Recovery on your computer. Connect your Android device to the computer USB port. Ensure that you have been enabled the USB debugging on the phone. Wait for seconds, the phone will be detected.
Connect Android Phone to PC
Step 2. Select File Type to Scan
When your Android phone is connected, you can opt your wanted file types to scan and retrieve. Mark "Messages" and click on the "Next" button. This will enable the program to scan all the SMS messages on your phone.
Select File Type to Scan
Step 3. Grant the Program to Access the Phone

This program requires the permission to access your phone. Tap "Allow/Grant/Authorize" on the pop-up of your Android phone.

Step 4. Retrieve Text Messages from Android
You will see the interface as below once you grant the program. Click "Messages" at the left side. Then all the text messages will sorted by contacts on the table. You can select the one you want and preview the detailed info, including the message contents, name, phone number, sent and received time, etc. Then mark the items you want and click "Recover".'
Retrieve Text Messages from Android
Good job! You have retrieved all the text messages. Remember to back up your Android messages as well as other data.

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