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What to Do if You Can't Download or Send Media Files on WhatsApp

Athryn Mitchell

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Sometimes, for different reasons, we can't download or send photos, videos, audio and more media files on WhatsApp. The possible reason might be various so we have to exclude them one by one.

Internet Connection Problem

Sometimes, when the network is weak, the download failure will possibly happen. Try a place with better Wi-Fi signal or use 4G Internet if there's no free Wi-Fi with you. If it keeps failing when you try to download media files from your WhatsApp account, just continue reading.

Incorrect Date and Time

It is very common that we get into the wrong screen accidentally since we use a device with a touch screen and forget to lock it before we put it into our pocket. So, please check if the time and date of your Android phone is right according to your region. On your Android, choose "Settings" > "General" > "Date and time" and check if the "Select time zone" is correct.
WhatsApp Incorrect Date and Time

SD Card Problem

If the two methods above don't make any difference, it's very likely that it's the SD card issues that cause the WhatsApp media files problem. Follow the below solutions to fix it:

1. SD Card Lack of Space
If there is insufficient space left on your SD card, you can delete the unwanted ones to get more space for it. After that, you can download the media files like photos, videos and music that you want from WhatsApp with ease.
WhatsApp Check Storage Space
2. SD Card in Read-only Mode
To see if your SD card is in read-only mode, you just need to save some files into any folder of your Android SD card. If the files can't be saved on your SD card, it means that the SD card is in read-only mode. To fix it, just follow the steps below:
a. Connect your Android phone to the computer with the USB cable.
b. Right click on the device logo and choose "Properties".
c. Choose "Tools" and hit on "Check".
WhatsApp Fix Read Only Issue
Now, your SD card issue is fixed and works normally in read-write mode.

3. SD Card Corrupted
If that still doesn't help, it is very likely that it is because your SD card is corrupted. Here's the last solution you can try – format your SD card.

Note: Before you format your SD card, you need to back the files up. The easy way is to connect your Android to computer and copy all the folders from your SD card to your computer.

Then, go back to your Android and choose "Settings" > "General" > "Storage" > "Format SD Card" and then confirm "Format SD Card" in the next screen.
WhatsApp Format SD Card on Android
The last step will be rebooting your Android phone and you will find that you can download WhatsApp media files with your Android now.
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