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What to Do if You Can't Send or Receive Messages on WhatsApp

Athryn Mitchell

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"I found that I can't send or receive messages on my WhatsApp. I've checked and my Wi-Fi connection is well connected and the signal is strong. What happens to my WhatsApp? Can anyone please help?"

There are three possibilities that you need to check on your Android phone if this message sending and receiving issue happens to you:

1. Reboot your Android phone
Turn off your Android device and then wait for 30 seconds. After that, you restart your Android phone and try if it works normal now.

2. Be Blocked by Your Android Phone
If rebooting your Android phone doesn't help, you can check if you are blocked by your WhatsApp contacts. It is reasonable that you can't send WhatsApp messages to someone who already blocked you. To see if you are blocked, you can check this post: How to Know Who Blocked You on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Blocked Contacts
3. Verification Not Completed Yet
If you are a new user of WhatsApp and find WhatsApp messages can't be sent or received, you can check whether the initial verification is completed. Follow this WhatsApp FAQ to see how to verify number on WhatsApp with Android phone.
WhatsApp Verification Not Confirmed
4. Wrong Phone Number of Your WhatsApp Contact
If it still fails to send or receive messages from WhatsApp, it is very possible that you've typed in the wrong phone number of your friend or the phone number is not in service. Check the phone number twice and make sure that the area code matches the country you are in.

If you face the WhatsApp message sending issue, you can try the 4 solutions above. If you want more tips and tricks on using WhatsApp, please leave your messages in the comment below.
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