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How to Set Up Kid's Corner on Windows Phone

Athryn Mitchell

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That's quite a nightmare that our important data get deleted by our kids who are not aware of what that means. We can't always hide and keep our Windows phone away from our kids, can we? Thanks god, we can set up Kid's Corners for our children so that they can play with our Windows phone without approaching any of our critical data. Let's see how to set up Kid's Corner on Windows Phone:

Step 1. Find "Kid's Corner"
Tap on the Start icon on the bottom of your Windows phone. Then, scroll down to tap on "All Apps". After that, go to "Settings" and swipe to find the "Kid's corner" option.
Find Kid's Corner in Settings List
Step 2. Enter "Kid's Corner"
Enter it and turn the toggle on if it is off. Then, as you can see, there are "Games", "Music", "Videos" and "Apps" provided as below. You can tap on the data type you want to add files or apps in it.
Add Apps or Videos to Kid's Corner
Step 3. Launch Kid's Corner
Then, after adding files into it, you can tap on "launch kid's corner" to move on. As you can see, all the apps, photos, videos you've edited will be shown in the interface.
Preview Kid's Corner on Windows Phone
Step 4. Customize Kid's Corner
If you are not satisfied with the Kid's Corner, you can tap on "Customize" to decorate the interface including renaming Kid's Corner, choosing background picture and accent colors. You can also resize the title as well.
Customize Settings on Windows Phone
Note: There weren't other access to other important files. You'd better set different pictures as the home screen so that you know which screen is for yourself and which is Kid's Corner. Now, your kids can enjoy playing games with your Windows phone without deleting any of your Windows phone files or do any mess.

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