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How to Share Photos from Android with Dropbox

Athryn Mitchell

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"I have lots of photos to share with my friends about her wonderful wedding ceremony. I've thought about sending through WhatsApp. But it only allows me to attach at most 10 photos at a time. I've tried email of course. But it takes me lots of time to upload all of them. And I am sure that it will take Betty, my friend, quite a long time to download them as well."
That's very often that we have a great number of photos to share. There's a quite simple way to share multiple photos for Android user. Share Android photos with Dropbox will make everything becomes easier and those who don't have a Dropbox account can also view the photos. Just make sure that photos on your Android are synced to your Dropbox. Now, let's follow the simple steps.

Steps to Share Photos from Android with Dropbox

Step 1. Choose Android Photos
Open Dropbox after downloading it on your Android. Then, tap on the main menu in the top left corner of the screen. You will see a side bar pops up, showing you several options, "Files", "Photos", "Favorites" and "Notifications". Just pick up "Photos" and you will be shown all the photos shown in the interface according to the date they are generated. To choose the photos, you need to tap on the tick icon on the top right corner as highlighted in the third screenshot below.
Choose Photos from Dropbox on Android
Step 2. Choose Platform to Share Android Photos to
Just tick on the box next to the photos you would like to share and the box selected will turn blue with the tick in it. You can preview and decide whichever you want. After finishing, tap on the share icon on the top. And this will lead you to a new screen. As you can see, there're several choices for you. You can attach the photos in MMS, add to Pinterest, AirDroid, Bluetooth, Google Drive, and more, you name it.
Share Photos from Dropbox to Android
Note: The most important one that I would like to share with you is to copy link. If you choose this, you will get links for the photos you've chosen, and you just need to copy and paste the links you got into the browser to view them. That's very simple. You don't even need a Dropbox account to view the photos in it.

That's very handy if you want to share a large amount of photos from your Android. But of course, there are many other different ways to share photos from your Android, you can find the most suitable one you love the most.

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