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How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Facebook

Athryn Mitchell

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Have signed up the Facebook just now and but excitement fades away when you find that the contact list is blank? No one chats with you online. No one read, like, or share your posts. And you cannot read news feed of others. Cheer up! You can add all the people in your address book of your iPhone, including family members, friends, colleagues, even acquaintances once you sync iPhone contacts to Facebook. Don’t know how to perform? Never mind, just follow us.

Part 1: Automatically Update Facebook Contacts
Part 2: Stop Uploading Facebook Contacts

Part 1: Automatically Update Facebook Contacts

Step 1. To start with, open Facebook application that is installed on your iPhone. Go to “More” (the three-bar icon) at the bottom menu bar. Then select “General” among all the options.
Set to Upload Facebook Contacts
Step 2. You have entered “Settings” page. Hit the option “Upload contacts”. Then tap the gray ON/OFF icon and turn it to green. This will set the application to automatically upload new and updated contacts.
Upload Facebook Contacts
Info about your contacts in your address book, including names, phone numbers and nicknames, have sent to Facebook to help you find friends faster. You can add and invite friends to Facebook.
Add Friends to Facebook
Auto-sync of contact feature has turned on. If you are intended to ban it, read on and learn how to stop sync the contacts.

Part 2: Stop Uploading Facebook Contacts

Go back to “Upload Contacts” page. Tap the green button and turn it to gray. There will be pop-up occurs and prompts that “Stop continuously uploading your contacts”, select the “Turn Off” button. After that, any contact info you have previously updated will be detected.
Stop Uploading Facebook Contacts
Sync contacts and add more friends. Facebook is better with friends!

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