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How I Sync Files between Devices on Cloud Storage

Athryn Mitchell

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Why We Need Cloud Storage

When there're many files on your devices, you have to find a place big enough to store all these files. Hard drivers or external storage devices like thumb drives might be your choice but the shortcoming is that it's easily get lost and the space will run out one day. Why not store the files on cloud? You may wonder: "Are you kidding me? Store files on cloud?" Yep. Today, I'd love to show you how to store data on cloud and access it to get back the files later on any device. First of all, please allow me to introduce you what is cloud storage:
Sync Files Between Devices

What Is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a model of data storage which store digital data in logical pools. Data in it will be remotely managed and backed up. There are 4 types of cloud storage: Personal cloud storage, public cloud storage, private cloud storage and hybrid cloud storage. Public, private and hybrid cloud storage are mostly used by enterprise or organization. Personal cloud storage is the one that will play an important part in our daily life. When I say iCloud, you will tumble to what cloud storage it is.

Features of Cloud Storage Apps

It's hard to explain how it works, but thankfully, it is easy to use. There are many useful cloud storage app for us: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive are worth-recommending apps. Now, let me recommend you these apps according to their advantages so that you can choose either of them according to your need.

1. Free Storage – OneDrive, Google Drive Win
OneDrive and Google Drive both provide 15GB free storage space for new users. We don't have to invite friends or do other things for this 15GB. Just sigh up and activate and here you go. Of course, you can also add more free space on basis of the 15GB, invite your friends and you will get 1GB for inviting each user. It's super generous because Dropbox, instead, only provide 2GB free storage and gain 500MB for inviting friend.
Google Drive Cloud Storage
2. Paid Storage – OneDrive Wins
If the free storage can't still meet your need, you can think about trying the paid storage. Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive all provide you 1TB (1000GB) for $9.99/month. Besides, the paid plan of OneDrive is much more attractive. Once you pay $9.99, you will also get a subscription to Office 365, the Microsoft Office Suite with excellent apps for your smartphone.
OneDrive Cloud Storage
3. Accessing Data on Different Platform – Dropbox Wins
All these cloud storage service supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS operation perfectly. Besides these platforms, Google Drive doesn't support other platform, OneDrive supports Windows Phone and the most powerful one, Dropbox not only supports the platforms mentioned above, but also supports Blackberry and Kindle Fire.
Dropbox Cloud Storage
No matter which one you use, you can have your photos, music, videos, documents and other files stored on cloud and you can access them anytime and anywhere you want on different operating systems. There is no doubt that cloud storage service brings us many storage, we don't have to worry about precious data on our Android, iPhone or laptop when it's unfortunately broken down or stolen. We can minimize the loss because we can get back the files from the cloud. There are other cloud service which is very useful for us, for example, cloud-based note taking apps like Evernote, OneNote and more.

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