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How to Prolong Battery Life on Lumia

Athryn Mitchell

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What's the frequency that you have to charge your Windows phone? If your answer is "more than 24 hours" or even longer, I would like to congratulate you. You do a very good job on the battery life issue. Unfortunately, I have to charge my Lumia every day or every 6 or 7 hours when I use my Windows phone to play games or watching movies. To make sure that I am 24-hours on-call, I have to carry my Windows phone charger with me all the time. To solve the battery issue, I've tried many different ways and those I'd love to mention in the following paragraphs are the useful tips to prolong battery life on Windows phone Lumia.

1. Turn on "battery saver" on Lumia
Go to "Settings" > "battery saver". The percentage of the remaining battery life will be shown in the interface. You can turn the toggle at the bottom on and the non-essential background tasks and push notification will be turn off while battery saver is on. You can set up the "Conserve battery life" settings as you wish.
Turn on Battery Saver on Nokia Lumia
Note: You can also swipe to see the battery usage to check which app takes up the most of your Lumia battery life.

2. Turn off Non-essential Sounds
You can also go to "Settings" > "ringtones + sounds" to turn off the sounds when capturing photos with camera, unlocking screen or even dialing. This will also save your Lumia battery.
Turn off Unecessary Sound on Windows Phone
3. Settings on Glance
You are also allowed to set up glance on your Windows phone. You can choose "off", "peek" or "interval", but not "always on" because it will lose a great deal of battery. As you can see in the interface, night mode and start time can be set as well.  
Set Up Glance on Windows Phone
4. Turn off "Double tap to wake up"
Operate "Settings" > "touch" and slide to turn off the toggle "Wake up".
Set Up Wake Up
5. Customize Brightness
Brightness is also a large battery consuming section on Windows phone. Just go to "Settings" > "brightness" to turn off "Automatically adjust" and choose the "low" level.
Lower Brightness on Windows Phone
6. Only Turn on Bluetooth and NFC When Necessary
Bluetooth and NFC are used to share data on Windows phone. It's with no doubt consuming plenty of battery for you. Go to "Settings" > "Bluetooth"/ "NFC" to turn off them when they are not needed.
Turn on Bluetooth and NFC
7. Reduce the Syncing Frequency of Email
Go to "Settings" > "email + accounts" and choose the email account that you want to set up. Then, find "Download new content" and tap on the box below it and choose "daily" so that your email won't be synced to your Windows phone when new items arrive.
Email Sync Settings
8. Set Up Screen Time Out
When we don't use our Windows phone for a few minutes, Windows phone will detect it and lock the screen to save battery. Actually, we can also shorten the screen time out by entering "Settings" > "lock screen" > "screen times out after" and choose the time you think is the most appropriate.
Lock Screen Setup
9. Keep Wi-Fi Connected
Compared to cellular data connection, battery consumes less while connecting with Wi-Fi, so a Wi-Fi connection is recommended for you. Go to "Settings" > "WLAN" > "manage" and tick on the box "Automatically connect to WLAN hotspots provided by my mobile operator" and "Send information about WLAN connections to help discover nearby WLAN".
Wifi Connection
10. Turn off Xbox Connection
Some Xbox games will ask for connection to upload game scores and achievements to Xbox and display gamer profile info, which will definitely consuming battery. You can go to "Settings" > "games" and turn "Connect with Xbox" off. Just do the similar steps to turn off "Connect with Xbox Music" under "Settings" > "music + videos".
Turn Off XBox Connection
With these 10 outstanding setup, I am sure that you will find that the battery issue of your Windows phone is becoming better. Why not try it on your own?

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