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Top 5 Best Video Players for Android

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

When it comes to watching videos on a portable device, we always want the best viewing experience, such as high resolution and good sound. And we prefer the video player that owns abundant video resources, supports a wide range of video formats, and more. Today, we will recommend top 5 best video players for Android.

NO.1 YouTube Player
YouTube Player is well known to most people for it is quite awesome. Once you sign in your Google account, you can enjoy all media data that YouTube offers, for example, movies, music videos, series, shows, etc. The app is so intelligent that it provides recommendations for you ever time you come back. In a word, YouTube Player makes entertainment never ends.
NO. 2 VLC Player for Android
VLC Player for Android is a port of VLC media player, the popular open source media player. The application can read most files and network streams. Tap the three-bar icon at the upper left corner. You will have options of "Video" and "Audio", which contain video and music in the phone. If you want to find more media files in the phone, tap "Directories" and navigate to the internal memory storage. Besides, you can open network stream by entering network MRL. And you can set equalizer. Plus, the app allows you to sort files by name or length.
VLC Player
NO.3 Bubble UPnP
Bubble UPnP is a versatile app packed with many features, such as playback queue, editable playlists, sleep timer, various shuffle modes, and full screen image viewer. Besides, the app is coupled with extensive Chromecast supports and media format supports including MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, WTV WMA, etc. The app offers plentiful media files via fast and secure Internet access. With Bubble UPnP, you can stream all your music, videos, and photos to various devices.
Bubble UPnp
NO.4 MX Player Pro
MX Play Pro is built with an intuitive interface, enabling your feel easy to navigate features of it. You can customize some of the settings, such as List, Player, Decoder, Audio, and Subtitle. Once run, MX Player Pro will detect all movies in the phone. Click the three-dot icon, you can access network stream once you type the URL. If you want to quickly find out the media in your phone, click the magnifying glass icon and input the name of the file.
MX Player Pro
NO.5 Video Player HD
Open Video Play HD. The app will detect home movies and list them at the primary page. Names, size, and modified time are displayed. Tap the file you want, you can enjoy them on your Android phone. Hit the menu icon at the upper-right corner, you will get a few options – Our softwares, Share this app, Rate this app, Mail to admin, and Visit fanpage. If you love this app, just share it, rate it or visit the fanpage.
Video Player HD

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