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Track Time and Improve Work Efficiency with RescueTime

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Have you ever found that time flies while you still have lots of work to do? This is very common especially if you should search for something on the Internet for work. Internet is so attractive which will lure us from work. Besides, we might check Instagram, text and more on Android/iPhone from time to time. So many stuffs can distract us from work so we have to pay attention to this and drag ourselves back to work to guarantee our work efficiency. Well, even though I know the importance of it very much, I did check my Samsung for the text twice while writing this article. (>_<) Sometimes distraction happens unconsciously. Thus, we need the help of time tracker apps and task app.
Track Your Time and Check Work Efficiency
RescueTime is my favorite. It helps me track the apps I used and websites that I visit. To have a clearer insight of how I used my time, I download both the Android version and the web version on my computer.

Time Tracking on Android

It's very easy to use and we just need to launch RescueTime and it will start recording the name and time of the apps, webs you visit on your Android. You can also check the browsing record on your computer. Just tap on the computer icon to switch to the computer, and tap on phone icon to check phone. All these items will be divided into several categories: Very productive, productive, neutral, distracting and very distracting. These categories will be shown in different colors so that you can check the percentage of each category clearly.
Track Time with RescueTime
Note: RescueTime is super smart that it can categorize well-known apps and webpage automatically. To take some examples, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more will be in very distracting category because they are instant messaging apps. Besides, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint will be in listed in very productive category.

Set Goals to Achieve

We can also set goals for ourselves. For example, you can add "More than 5 hours per day on All Productive Time" or "Less than 3 hours per day on Email", etc.
Set Goals and Work Hard for It

Time Tracking Report

1. Browse According to Days, Weeks, Months or Years
The most amazing part will be the time tracking report. I prefer to do it on my computer because viewing in a large screen will be more comfortable. There are weekly, monthly and yearly report provided.
Check Time Weekly Monthly or Yearly
2. Browse According to Top Activities
We can also check the top activities this month. As shown in the report, Microsoft Office Word, Windows Explorer, Wiz, Google.com and NotePad and more. Well, as a web editor of TransPhone MS Word is what frequently used in my daily life. As you can see, not only apps and software but also webpage can be recorded by RescueTime.
Top Activities of This Month
Note: Wiz is one type of cloud-based note-taking app. Though it is not as famous as Evernote and OneNote does, it is good enough for me. It helps me a lot on note-taking.

3. Browse According to Distracting Time
To check what distract us, we can check this table to see which apps or web not relatively to your work which you've stayed for a long time.
View Distracting Time and Set A New Plan
After knowing which web or app I've wasted lots of time on it, I tried my best to reduce time on it. And that's really helpful because I found my work efficiency improves a little bit after I do something to drag myself back to work. So, would you like to have it a try on your own, with the powerful RescueTime to track and manage your time? It's now available for not only Android, web, but also supports iPhone, iPad perfectly.

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