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Keep Your Life Scheduled with Your Personal Secretary on Phone/Tablet

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

We have tons of things to do every day, appointments, meetings, reports, date, anniversary ceremony, and so on. It's very easy for us to forget some of them if we don't mark them down on our calendar. So, I am sure that most of you will have a small desktop calendar on the desk you work or even have a large schedule board in your study room or in your office which you can check your schedule whenever you look up. Like this:
Schedule Board in Office or at Home
This will help reducing the chance you forget some important arrangements. But this type of schedule board has its shortcomings:
1. You can't take it with you all the time when you are out.
2. If there are lots of arrangements in a day, it's very easy to be in a mess. That means you are likely to miss some appointments if you read the time wrong.
3. It can't remind you if you focus too much on your work so that you forget the time.

Maybe you will think about capturing your schedule as a photo with your Android device. That help you check your schedule anywhere you want but you still can't edit them as you wish. The solution to solve these is to download a calendar app on your portable device. There are many calendar apps provided for Android, iPhone, Windows phone, and more. I didn't try lots of these calendar apps. The only one I've ever tried is Google Calendar, and I found myself fall in love with it.

As I've never tried other apps for schedule planning apps, this article will not look like other app reviews which show you the features comparison between different calendar apps. What I want to show to you is my personal feeling after using Google Calendar.

We got several views categories: Day, Week, Month, Year and Agenda in Google Calendar and we can tap on the exact time in the specific day to set up the start time and end time of the arrangement and write down the memo next to it to add the schedule. The vertical axis is for the date and the abscissa axis is for the time. After adding all the calendars we want. We can switch to the week view or the month to have a preview of our schedule on the coming few days or few months. My favorite view option will be the schedule one. When I choose schedule, I can check the reserve days only. All the other dates that have no reservation will be skipped.
Schedule View of Google Calendar on Android Tablet
Google Calendar is considerate enough to help us prevent the schedule from messing up. We can label the schedule with different colors according to the urgency degree. For example, important and urgent schedule can be set in red color, important but not urgent ones can be set in blue, by such analogy.
Label Plans with Different Colors
In the latest update of Google Calendar, there's a new Reminder feature. We can add the reminder with Google Calendar and it will remind you of that when it's time. It works across different Google products such as Inbox, Google Keep and Google Now. It's very handy if I want to go out for dinner with my friends, I just need to bring up Google Now and speak out what I want to add the reminder into Google Calendar. When the event you just added includes the contacts in your email, it will ask if you want to email to remind him/her of that.
Add Reminder in Google Calendar
It is very handy for me to have everything scheduled because if not, everything will be halted like a traffic jam and I have to waste lots of time to think about what to do next, which room will my next meeting take place, etc. In short, Google Calendar is my intelligent personal secretary which is always with me and helps me arrange everything.

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