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How to Use Office 365 on Windows Phone

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Windows phone is designed by the well-known company, Microsoft. So, there's no wonder that it will be more handy and convenient for Windows phone users to use other Microsoft products. The one I want to introduce to you is Office 365. It's super handy for you to check your Microsoft office documents on your Windows phone. Now I will show you how to use Office 365 on your Windows phone.

Step 1. Find "Office" on Windows Phone
Go to "Settings" list on your Windows phone and scroll down till you find "Office". In the main interface, you will find two lists – "places" and "recent". In the places list, you will see "phone", "email", "OneDrive" and "Office 365". These are places where you can view and import the Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint from. For the new email, OneDrive and Office 365, you should make sure that the accounts are well signed in first. In the next step, I will show you how to view and edit Microsoft Word on Windows phone.
Main Interface of Office 365
Step 2. View and Edit Microsoft Word on Windows Phone
Firstly, tap on "Phone" and the Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel or Powerpoint on your Windows phone will be found.
Documents on Windows Phone
Tap on it to view the Word. As you can see in the interface below, it is a draft of our latest article: How to Set Up Kid's Corner on Windows Phone. You can view the whole article on your Windows phone as you wish. Moreover, you can edit the Word as well with the 4 options at the bottom:

1. Find the paragraph quickly with the Headline option.
You can simply find the paragraph, sentences or phrases with ease with the help of the Headline option. After taping on the "Headline" option, you will see the pop up list provide you several words of each paragraph. You can tap on any of them and it will lead you to the corresponding paragraph with ease.
Headline of Windows Phone
2. Add notes and comments in the Word
By choosing the words you want and then tapping on the second option, you will be allowed to add some words as a note or comments. Just enter the words you want and when finished, tick it again and the notes you just added will be shown under your account name.
Add Notes on Office
3. Find the words with the help of the searching icon.
Tap on the searching icon and the keyboard will pop up. You can type in the words you are looking for with ease.
Search Keywords on Word
4. Tap on the brush icon to edit the font color, format and highlight
After choose the words you want, tap on the pencil icon and then the brush icon. Now, you will see the interface as below. Just do whatever you want, including changing the format, highlight or changing font color.
Change Formats, Font Color on Word 365
Note: You are also allowed to share the Word file after you save the change. Just tap on "" icon and choose "share…" in the pop up interface. As you can see, you can send the Microsoft Office Word documents to OneNote and Outlook as you wish.
Share Word to Onenote or Outlook
That's very handy to view and edit the Microsoft Office documents on your Windows phone, isn't it? I believe that it's not that easy for you to use this on other smartphones unless your root your Android, jailbreak your iPhone and download some third-party app to help. Why not try use Office 365 on your Windows phone to experience it on your own?

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