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How to Use OneDrive

Athryn Mitchell

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As an editor of TransPhone.net, I have to write posts and deal with different documents every day. I saved all the working files on my USB drive so that I can keep on when I need to go home and work over-time. However, I am afraid that if my USB drive gets lost all the files in it will be gone. This will cause a great deal of inconvenience in our daily life. And when I get to know OneDrive, the useful cloud service app for Windows phone users, I find myself so into it that I can’t imagine what life will be without it. Today, I will show you how to use OneDrive.

How to Use OneDrive on Windows Phone

OneDrive is pre-installed on Windows phone which runs Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. You can tap to open the app on your Windows phone.
Find OneDrive App on Settings
1. OneDrive Folders on Windows Phone
After launching OneDrive on your Windows phone, you will see the three different folders listed: “files”, which has all the documents, pictures and more data that synced to your OneDrive included.
recent”, which shows the latest files that you have opened.
shared”, the content that is shared and synced to your OneDrive.
Check OneDrive Folder
2. Add New Files on OneDrive
Tap “+” at the bottom of the screen under the main screen of OneDrive and you will be allowed to add documents or photos to your OneDrive. If you’ve set up auto-sync, the data you just added will be uploaded to the cloud service and when you sign up the OneDrive account on other device, the data will be synced and the files will appear for you.

3. Share Files to Your Friends with OneDrive
OneDrive also provides you with three different ways to share your files with friends. For example, I want to share a folder named “Documents” which has 7 Word, Excel and Powerpoint data with our friend. Long press on the folder and choose “share” on the pop up list. Then, you will see three different ways to share these documents to your friend.
Share Documents with OneDrive
If you choose “invite people”, you will see the first interface below. Choose the contacts you want to share files with from your phone or enter the email addresses.
If you choose “get a link”, OneDrive will create a link for you to send to your friends through email or messages. It also allows you to copy the link to clipboard so that you can paste it to other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more to your friends.
Invite People or Get A Link
Besides, you can also back up the files that you think is important for you. So that you don’t need to worry about what to do if your computer crashes or the USB drive that you stored important files in gets lost. Even if you get a new computer for work, you don’t have to transfer the documents from old computer to new one. Just sign in with the same OneDrive accounts so that you can manage the files with ease no matter you are using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

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