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How to Use OneNote on Windows Phone

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

OneNote, the pre-install app on Windows phone, allows you to add to-do list, reminder and meetings memos. The tutorial below will show you how excellent OneNote is and how you can use OneNote to record everything you want on Windows phone.

Firstly, I'd love to introduce you several buttons on OneNote: You will find 4 options below your keyboard when you are going to type something. These four buttons helps you add checklist, bullet list, photos and audios with ease.
4 Basic Options on OneNote
Add CheckList, Bullet List and Attach Photos
Tap on the first of the 4 options to add checklist, and a box will appear, you can add the notes and tick it in the box to record those you've accomplished. To add bullet list, you just need to tap on the second button and there will generate a dark spot next to the note. Besides, you can also attached photos on OneNote, just tap on the camera icon below your keyboard and you are allowed to attach pictures or capture a new photo to add to the note.
Add Notes and Photos on OneNote
Attach Audios on OneNote
Besides, you can also record an audio to OneNote as a voice memo. Just tap on the 4th icon and you will see the second screenshot below. Say something and tap on "Stop" when you finish recording and you will see an audio-playing icon in the note. Tap on the icon and you can play the attached audio.
Attach Audios on Windows Phone OneNote
Save Pages for Later Reading
Apart from the four basic features we mentioned above, OneNote also allows us to save web pages for later reading. When we find an article or a website that we love but have no time to finish it, we can tap on "Share page" and share it to OneNote so that we can read it later.
Save Page to OneNote for Later Reading
Find Notes by Searching Keywords
If you have a load of notes on your OneNote, you can also find the one you want quickly by searching for the keywords. Tap on the magnifier icon next to "+" and there will be a blank for you to type in the keywords. For example, I want to find the note containing "milk" so I type in "milk" in the search box. Before long, the note which has the keyword "milk" contained is displayed. I just need to tap on the result to check and edit the note I am looking for.
Search Notes on OneNote
Use OCR Function on OneNote
If you found a wonderful page (or a brilliant piece of article in a book) and want to save it on your Windows phone in text format so that you can edit it, you can use the OCR function on OneNote. It's quite amazing when I first try this function. Tap on the magnifier icon next to the Home button, and then you will be led to bing, the search engine from Microsoft. Tap on the eye icon below the keyboard. Then, you will be led to the QR scanning screen. What you need is make sure that all the content of the article or the page you want is included in the screen. Tap on "scan text" at the bottom and the words in the screen will be identified as the third screenshot below shows.
Scan Text with OneNote
Choose "copy all" and paste them on your OneNote. As you can see in the second screenshot, some words are not spelt correctly. That's possibly because the screen detected is not very clear. You can correct these words on your own and save that. It won't take you too much time. It is much convenient than typing them word by word into OneNote, isn't it?
Save Article on OneNote
Though there are many third-party note apps provided on the internet, I would prefer using OneNote to add to-do list, reminder and voice memos, and more. How about you? What do you think of OneNote which is officially provided by Microsoft?
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