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How to Use Windows Phone Rooms

Athryn Mitchell

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In Windows phone, there's a place called Rooms that allows you to chat with your family and friends and share with them the photos, calendar, notes. It's useful on Windows 8, 8.1. It doesn't support Windows 10 now. In this article, I'd love to show you a simple guide on how to set up Room on your Windows phone.

Part 1: How to Set Up Family Rooms on Windows Phone
Part 2: How to Use Family Rooms on Windows Phone

Part 1: How to Set Up Family Rooms on Windows Phone

Step 1. Go to "Start" > "People" > "Rooms and Groups". Choose "Family Room" in the interface. Then, you will find "invite someone" in the interface. Tap on it and you will be led to a screen listing your contacts.
Set Up Family Rooms on Windows Phone
Step 2. Browse the contacts and tap on which you want. As you can see, the phone number of the contacts will be shown in the interface. Tap on "mobile phone" and there will pop up a prompt saying that "We'll text ‘X' an invitation to your room." "X" stands for the contact name you just chose. Just tap on "Send" to send the invitation and tap on "Done" after that.
Invite People to Family Rooms

Part 2: How to Use Family Rooms on Windows Phone

After setting up Family Rooms on your new Windows phone, it's time to see what you can do with it. As you can see after entering Family Rooms, there are several categories: Chat, Calendar, Photos and Notes. Please allow me to introduce them to you one by one in the next paragraph.
1. Chat: To start a new group chat, you just need to swipe to the "Chat" category and type the messages in the text box before you tap on "Send" to send it. You are also allowed to attach your location by tapping on "Location" icon near it.

2. Calendar: Calendar allows you to add an appointment or meetings into the calendar. You can choose to view in day or month by switching to the either option – "Today" or "Month". If you want to add a new event, just simply tap on "+" to add the new appointment to your calendar.
Share Calendar on Windows Phone Room
3. Photos: To see media files inclduing photos and videos, just switch to "Photos" category an click "+" to add any photos you like. Besides, you can also tap on the More option "" and find "Refresh" to get the latest photos on your Windows phone.

4. Note: Note is also helpful for Windows phone users. You can choose "+" to add new reminder on your Windows phone. You can add the shopping list, to-do list or your short-term goal, etc. It's very handy, isn't it?
Share Notes on Windows Phone Rooms
All these can be shared in Family Room and all the members in the Family Room can see these photos, calendar, notes and more. However, there's one thing you should note: Family Room works for Windows 8/8.1, if you use Windows 10, I am sorry that it doesn't support that now.

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