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WhatsApp FAQ: Why can't Android Phone connect to WhatsApp?

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Not able to send a message with WhatsApp on your mobile phone? I know it is important, but first we need to figure what might cause this so as to totally make things right. Two things may cause this--the Server is down or the application is not connected to the internet because of connection failure or bugs of the application. For the first reason, we cannot do anything but wait. And for the second reason, there are all kinds of solutions for it.

Many factors can be blamed for connection failure. And what we can do is following the steps below and make sure everything is all right.

Note: You need not to try all the steps in the very order. Sometimes, it might work when you directly do the last one. All I saying is that the steps are not sequential.

Step 1. Reboot Your Phone
Turn the phone off and back on to see if things get normal again.

Step 2. Turn Airplane mode on and off.
You can turn it on by clicking the button and down by the same move.
Set Airplane Mode
Step 3. Choose a Different Wi-Fi hotspot
It could be the problem of the Wi-Fi Router. Connect to another network. Or you can try rebooting the router.

Step 4. Keep Wi-Fi on
If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi (or WLAN) > Menu > Advanced > Keep WLAN on during sleep. Tick "Always" or "Only when plugged in".
Keep WiFi On
Step 5. Upgrade or Re-install WhatsApp
Wrong version of WhatsApp would get you off line because there might be some bugs or breakdown of the system. It is worth trying getting a new application. Download the latest version at the WhatsApp website.

Step 6. Enable Data
If you are not a Wi-Fi user, please check if your data is on. To do this, you can pull down the toolbar and see whether the button is blue. (Grey means off, but it depends because in different phones it is not the same.)
Enable Mobile Data
Step 7. Uncheck Restrict Background Data
Go to Settings > More... > Data usage > Menu > uncheck Restrict mobile bkgd. Data.
Uncheck Restrict Background Data
Step 8. Make sure that you receive Google mail emails on time.

Step 9. Update your operating system.

Step 10. Contact your mobile provider to see if your APN settings are correct. If you are able to connect on Wi-Fi but not on data, this might be the one step you need.

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