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Windows Phone, My Life Companion

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

After years of using Android and Apple iOS, I am thinking about using Windows OS instead. The first Windows phone I have is Lumia 535. I didn't put much expectation on it at first, but after that, I found it not only a useful smart phone, but also an excellent companion in my daily life and work.
Windows Phone My Life Companion

1. Features of Windows Phone

The app icon is not arrange tidily in sequence as that of Android and iPhone, instead, it is shown in tiles which we can change their size and colors. This is quite spectacular compare with other phone operating system. Apart from the attractive interface, I found that it works perfectly smooth and the animation effect when changing the interface is quite beautiful as well. That's very appealing for me.

2. Data Transfer on Windows Phone

Data transfer is unavoidable when smart phone users want to change their phone. If we can't transfer data between different operating system, it will cut down the desire for smart phone users to change into using Windows phone. Fortunately, Windows phone did a great job on data transfer issue.

For contacts transfer, there are many different ways to copy contacts between Windows phone and other phone. In this article, I will list two of them to you.
a. Transfer My Data: Just turn on Bluetooth on both your Windows phone and Android/iPhone, pair the two devices and find "Transfer My Data" in the settings list. With these 3 simple steps, all the contacts on your Android/iPhone will be detected and transfer to your new device.
b. Add Email Account on Lumia: Add your outlook or Gmail account on Lumia, then, sync the contacts and the contacts will be copied on your new Windows phone with ease.

For Media transfer, you can transfer photos, videos and audio between Lumia and other phone/tablet with the help of OneDrive:
*Install OneDrive, the cloud service provided by Microsoft Company, on your Android or Apple device.
*Upload all the photos, videos and audios to your OneDrive and sync it.
*Turn to your Lumia phone and sign in the same OneDrive account. Then, you will find that all the media files you want are saved on OneDrive on your Lumia.
*Just copy the files on your Windows phone.

Note: As for other data types like app, call logs and text messages, I am sorry to tell you that you can't transfer them to your Windows phone.

How to Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to Windows Phone

3. Manage Documents on Cloud

Microsoft Office series is an outstanding service provided by Microsoft Company not only for computer that runs Windows OS, but also for those Windows phone. On your Lumia phone, you will see that Word/PPT/Excel works perfectly on your Lumia. Use Office 365 together with OneDrive and you will find it extremely handy to deal with working documents on both computer and Windows phone.
OneNote also helps a lot in your daily life. It masters in helping you set up a to-do list, create a job plan and write report, etc. OneNote is now part of my daily life.

How to Use OneDrive
How to Use OneNote on Windows Phone

4. Cortana, the Smart Voice Assistance:

Cortana helps almost in every area. When it is the first time that I use Cortana, I was asked to fill up some basic data about my interest and hobby. These helps Cortana get to know me much and provide me with more accurate result. After few weeks of using Cortana, I found that it is as outstanding as Siri and Google Now, which are also the excellent voice assistance from Apple and Google correspondingly.
It helps me give phone call, send text messages, arrange plan, set alarm and add reminders as wish. Cortana is extremely helpful for me when I was driving and want to call my friends. I just need to talk to Cortana asking her to "Give Lily a phone call." The most surprising feature of Cortana is that it can works seamlessly with OneNote and add reminder to your OneNote at your permission.

How to Use Cortana on Windows Phone

5. Other Tricks:

It's a common problem that smart phone with big display screen is easily run out of battery life. Nowadays, smartphone screens are bigger and bigger and the app sizes are larger and larger. To help you solve this, I recommend you a simple guide on prolonging battery life on Lumia below. Besides, Windows phone also has a remarkable feature called "Find my phone" which is similar to that on Android phones and iOS devices. This will help find your Windows phone and protect the Lumia data from illegal use and get back your contacts, photos, credit card infos even if there is no chance for your Windows phone being found.

How to Find My Windows Phone
How to Prolong Battery Life on Lumia

These are all the tips and tricks I get after the first experience of using Lumia phone. To be frank, Lumia gives me a lot of surprises compared with Android or iOS not only on the appearance, but also on the operating system, build-in app service and more. Please leave us comments in the blank below to share with us what you feel after using Windows phone or some tips or tricks you found please.

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