Windows Phone Tips

Want to better manage your Windows Phone? Here are some useful guides for you! Following the tips below, you can make your Winphone work for your life and bussiness effectively.

How to Better Manage Windows Phone Contacts

To add contacts in batches, you can import contacts from Outlook and Gmail to manage the contacts with ease on Windows phone.

How to Use Windows Phone Rooms

You will find that Family Rooms is a very useful feature to chat with your family and friends. Let's see how to set up and use Family Rooms on Windows phone.

How to Use Office 365 on Windows Phone

Using Office 365 on Windows phone will be easier because they are all made by Microsoft company. Let us see how to use Office 365 on Windows Phone.

How to Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to Windows Phone

Please read this guide to transfer data from Android/iPhone to Windows phone. We can hold our Windows phone and use Transfer My Data to transfer files with ease.

4 Camera Apps for Windows Phone

Here in this article, we will show you 4 camera apps for Windows phone. You can check and see which one you think is the best to capture and edit pictures for you.

How to Use OneNote on Windows Phone

This is a useful and handy guide for Windows phone users to know OneNote better and get the tips and tricks to use OneNote to record their precious life.

How to Prolong Battery Life on Lumia

In this tutorial, we provide ten small but useful tips to help Windows phone users to prolong their Lumia battery life by simply setting up.

How to Use OneDrive

OneDrive is a powerful cloud service app for Windows phone users to manage documents, pictures and more among different platforms. Let’s see how to use it.